Guru Purnima 2023: A Day to Remember and Revere the Gurus Who Enlighten Us

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Guru Gobind Dou Khade, Kake Laagu Paye I Balihari Guru Aapne, Gobind Diyo Bataye II

“The teacher and God are standing before me. To whom should I pay obeisance? Kabir Das says ‘The position of Guru is higher than Almighty himself, as the wisdom gained from a teacher leads to Godhood.’ Do you have a guru (teacher) in your life? A guru is someone who teaches you, guides you, inspires you, and helps you grow. It can be anyone: a spiritual master, a school teacher, a mentor, a friend, or someone who has influenced you positively. Over the aeons, many such couplets and hymns, like the one above, have been dedicated to the gurus in this country. Guru Purnima is also celebrated in the same spirit: to honour the bond between gurus and their disciples. This blog will explore this Guru Purnima’s meaning, history, rituals, and significance. Read on to find out more!

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What is Guru Purnima?

Guru Purnima is a sacred festival that honours the teachers and mentors who guide us on the path of knowledge and enlightenment. Guru originates from the root words’ gu’ and ‘ru’ in Sanskrit. Gu means ‘darkness’ or ‘ignorance’, and ru means ‘dispeller’, referring to the teacher as the dispeller of darkness or ignorance. 

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Origin of Guru Purnima

In addition to respecting our mentors and guides, this day has a rich history and significance in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and other traditions. Here are other reasons why we celebrate this festival:

  1. On this day, Lord Shiva became the first guru or Adi Guru. He imparted the knowledge of yoga and spiritual wisdom to his seven disciples (Saptarishis, the seven celestial sages) on Guru Purnima. This day is known as Guru Purnima Utsav in the yogic tradition.
  2. This day marks the birth anniversary of Veda Vyasa, the legendary sage who compiled the four Vedas, the Mahabharata, the Puranas, and other sacred texts. People also call the day Vyasa Purnima to honour him.
  3. Guru Purnima commemorates the first sermon of Lord Buddha, who delivered his teachings to his five disciples at Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh. This event is known as Dharmachakraparivartana Sutra or the Turning of the Wheel of Dharma.

When and Why is Guru Purnima Celebrated?

This day is generally observed in the month of Ashadha (June-July) on the full moon night (Purnima) per the Hindu calendar. Devotees pay homage to their academic and spiritual teachers, express gratitude for their wisdom and guidance, and seek blessings on this auspicious occasion.

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Date and Time

This year, Guru Purnima will fall on 3 July 2023. The tithi will begin at 8:21 pm on 2 July 2023 and end at 5:08 pm on 3 July 2023.


This day honours the lineage of gurus who have contributed to various fields of knowledge, such as philosophy, religion, arts, science, literature, music, dance, etc. Some of the notable gurus in history are Adi Shankara, Ramanujacharya, Madhvacharya, Kabir, Nanak, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, etc.

It is a day to acknowledge the role of teachers in shaping our lives and personalities. Teachers are not only those who teach us in schools or colleges but also those who inspire us, motivate us, support us, and guide us in our personal and professional endeavours.

Rituals and Celebrations

Here are some rituals to observe during the auspicious festival of Guru Purnima this year:

  1. Wake up early and clean the house on this auspicious day. 
  2. Take a bath, wear clean clothes and offer prayers to Lord Surya.
  3. After that, worship Lord Ganesh, the God of Beginnings.
  4. Place the idol/picture of Guru Vyasa in a clean spot and offer sandalwood, flowers, and prasad (sacred food offering) to it. 
  5. While performing the puja, recite the mantra ‘Gurupanrasiddhyartha Vyaspujaan Karishaye’ (“I will perform the worship of Vyasa for the success of the guru’s grace”).
  6. Pay homage to your guru by offering a fragrant flower or garland to the picture of Ved Vyasa. 
  7. Offer clothes, flowers, garlands, and Dakshina (offering of money) to the guru according to your means, seeking his blessings.

Guru Purnima PPT


What do we celebrate Guru Purnima for?

Celebrating Guru Purnima commemorates many events of historical and cultural significance, such as Lord Shiva becoming Adi Guru, the birth of Maharishi Ved Vyasa, and Lord Buddha’s first sermon in Sarnath, UP.

Why do we celebrate Guru Purnima?

We celebrate Guru Purnima to honour our teachers and mentors for sharing their wisdom and guiding us.

Is Guru Purnima on 3 July 2023?

Yes, Guru Purnima will fall on 3 July in the year 2023.

That was all about Guru Purnima 2023. Want to know more important days and occasions like this? Then stay tuned to our trending events page. Happy Learning!

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