Encourage a Young Writer Day 2024- History & Significance

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Encourage a Young Writer Day

With the right motivation and direction, young writers can bloom to become the next Emily Dickinson or Virginia Woolf. Who doesn’t want to immerse themselves in the body of literature, availing of all that life has to offer? To commemorate the potential of young writers in the United States of America, ‘Encourage a Young Writer Day’ is celebrated every year on April 10. Herein, young writers are encouraged to work on their writing, producing poems or fictional stories, and unleash their creativity in the world. It’s also a day when teachers and adults are taught to properly encourage the talent of the young writers in the country. Want to know more about Encourage a Young Writer Day? Continue reading.

Name of the dayEncourage a Young Writer Day
Observed on April 10
Reason To encourage young passionate writers to pursue their goals and aspirations in the field. 

History of Encourage a Young Writer Day 

The day to encourage young writers in the United States of America focuses on putting efforts into the development of young writers, by providing them with opportunities and resources to better themselves. Though the day is celebrated on a national scale, there is no definite evidence or timeline to suggest the beginning of Encourage a Young Writer Day. 

Regardless, it is well known for a fact that writing is prevalent throughout the world, as a subject, as a study, as well as a known profession. Without creativity being inked on paper, there would be little in life to connect to a larger scale, with fellow human beings, and also the trees, stars, and earth itself. Having said that, writing is found throughout history since time immemorial. 

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Importance of Encourage a Young Writer Day 

Some of the points why this day is important for many are mentioned below. 

  1. The day helps cultivate the meaning of writing as an art for aspiring writers. 
  2. Young writers find a community of fellow writers on this day, diminishing the lonely and difficult aspects of the process of writing. 
  3. Young writers receive a sense of appreciation, as well as acceptance by the writing community at large. 
  4. The need to invest in young writers’ potential is brought to the forefront.

How to Celebrate Encourage a Young Writer Day

If you are interested in celebrating Encourage a Young Writer Day, here are some ways to pursue the same. 

  1. Share new books with young writers. 
  2. Hold creative writing workshops for young writers. 
  3. Participate in volunteering at writing events for young writers. 
  4. Use social media to talk about your favourite writers. 
  5. Share suggestions on encouraging young writers.

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Encourage a Young Writer Day

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Notable Young Writers 

Some of the writers who were not even the age of 25 before publishing their first book are mentioned below. 

Name of the Author Date of Birth 
Mary ShelleyAugust 30, 1797
Minou DrouetJuly 24, 1947
Jake Marcionette March 20, 2001 (wrote the first novel at age 12)
Bret Easton EllisMarch 7, 1964
Jyoti and Suresh GuptaraNovember 22, 1988


When is National Author’s Day? 

 National Author’s Day is celebrated on November 1. 

When is Encourage a Young Writer Day? 

Encourage a Young Writer Day is celebrated on April 10 in USA. 

When is World Poetry Day? 

World Poetry Day is on March 21. 

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