Regional Festivals in India

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Regional festivals in India

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear about regional festivals in India? You might be wondering about the rich cultural diversity and traditional customs followed in India. According to the reports released by the local and state authorities, there are more than one thousand festivals in India, most of which are regional and are only celebrated or observed in that particular area.

According to the Hindu calendar, also known as Panchanga, the regional festivals in India are divided into two phases; Lunar and Solar. From popular festivals like Diwali to less-known festivals like Bohag Bihu, India has a rich variety when it comes to celebrating festivals. Read more to know about regional festivals in India.

Holding the title of the 7th largest nation in the world, India is home to 1.4 billion people belonging to different religions, communities and classes. In this sense, every region in India has their own customs and rituals, where they worship and celebrate festivals. For example, the most popular festival in Tamil Nadu is Karthigai Deepam, and in Madhya Pradesh are Akhil Bharatiya Kalidas Samaroh, Ujjain Kumbh Mela, etc. The table below highlights the most popular regional festivals in India.

Name of the Festival  Time Location
Ugadi 1st Day of the Hindu calendar Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Prades
Gudi Padwa 1st Day of the Hindu calendar Maharashtra and Goa
Wanchuwa festival Every 6th or 7th year between June and August Assam
Baishakhi 13th or 14th April Northern India
Nowruz 1st day of Spring Parsi Community
Gyalpo Lhosar March Sikkim
Puthandu 1st day of Tamil year Tamil Nadu
Ashadhi Bij 2nd day of the month Ashadha Kutch (Gujarat)
Jur Sital 15th April (Gregorian calender) Mithila (North India)
Balipratipada 4th day of Diwali Gujarat and Rajasthan
Cheti Chand Beginning of the Hindu Lunar calendar Punjab and Sindh
Pana Sankranti 1st day of the Solar Odia calendar Odisha 
Makar Sankranti January Northern India
Janmashtami Astami Tithi Pan India

Why there are So Many Festivals in India?

There are several factors that come into play when we discuss the variety of festivals in India. All thanks to the rich cultural diversity and religious plurality because of which there are so many regional festivals in India. Here are all the factors responsible for India’s rich variation in regional festivals.

  • India is a large country with a wide range of cultures, traditions and languages.
  • More than a dozen religious practices are followed in India, the popular being Hinduism, Muslim, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism.
  • Many Indian festivals are tied to the agricultural cycles and the changing seasons.
  • India’s rich history, mythology and festivals are mentioned in the legends.
  • Indian festivals serve as occasions for social gatherings and to strengthen community ties.


How many festivals are there in India?

As per the reports of the local and state governments, there are more than one thousand festivals in India, most of which are regional.

What are the popular regional festivals in India?

Some of the most popular festivals in India are Diwali, Holi, Eid, Gudi Padwa, Christmas, etc.

What are the popular festivals in South India?

Some of the most popular South Indian festivals are Onam, Ugadi, Mahamaham Festival, Mysuru Dasara, Hampi Utsav, Pongal, and Karaga.

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