National US Postage Stamp Day 

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National US Postage Stamp Day

The National US Postage Stamp Day is celebrated every year on the 1st of July. This day people celebrate the existence of postage stamps and the contribution of postal workers in the US. On this day, postage stamps are utilized to send letters and to encourage the work of all the Philatelists or postage collectors. 

The National US Postage Stamp became significant in 1788 when the Constitution was ratified to give Congress the power to establish post offices and posts. The same year, Samuel Osgood was appointed as the 1st postmaster General. However, the first postal stamps were issued in 1847. Keep reading to know more about the National US Postage Stamp Day.

History of the National US Postage Stamp Day

The First postage stamp was issued in the United States in 1847. During that period of time, stamps were not required to send mail. Postage stamps became mandatory only in 1847. 

Philately is the term used to describe people who are involved in the collection or the study of stamps. Stamps have an interesting history. The postal rate in a given year and the inspiration of the artist affect the stamp value. Philatelists also consider the quality of the stamp and how rare it is.

Postage Stamp Timeline 

To know the history of the postal stamp it is important to the timeline. The timeline of the postal stamps is as follows 

Year Event
1847Postage stamps are introduced in the US
1855Post office launches collectable stamps to get gain more profit and to commemorate historical events
1890Post office launches collectible stamps to get gain more profit and to commemorate historical events
1940The famous American series or a set of 35 stamps were launched. It includes the most famous authors, scientists, artists, and more.
2005The Bureau of Engraving and Printing stops its involvement with the postal services. It has developed postage stamps in America for 111 years. 

Why is the National US Postage Stamp Day Significant?

The National US Postage Stamp Day is important because of several reasons. These are listed below:

  • The National US Postage Stamp Day conserves history. A lot of history is about the written word and the day recognises the people who have written letters, events that happened by letter, and those who are involved in the collection of postage stamps.
  • The day also commemorates the traditional method of sending mail. The e-mails are the present but the traditional mail is of the past. However, there is still nostalgia related to the old way of writing letters and sending the mail.
  • The National Postage Day also encourages people to write and send traditional mail. Traditional mail signifies thought, respect, and consideration for the person it is written to.

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National US Postage Stamp Day Hashtags 

Hashtags are used to deliver content to the right audience on social media. On the National US Postage Stamp Day plenty of hashtags can be used. Some of the popular hashtags that can be used are as follows:

  • #PostalStampDay
  • #U.SPostalStampDay
  • #NationalPostalStampDay

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National US Postage Stamp Day Important Dates 

The National US Postage Stamp Day important days are mentioned below:

Year Day of the weekDate
2023SaturdayIst July
2024MondayIst July
2025TuesdayIst July
2026WednesdayIst July
2027ThursdayIst July

How to Observe National US Postage Stamp Day?

These steps can be followed to celebrate National US postage stamp day.

  • Start a stamp collection and grow your own archives. Millions of stamps can be found around the world that can be exchanged, bought and added to the collection. Stamps can also be created on the basis of interest. For example, stamps from baseball to butterflies are available.
  • Another way to celebrate National US postage stamp day is by writing a letter.  A letter can be written to a friend, significant other, or family member.
  • Reading the history of stamps is also beneficial. It will make the person aware of the significance of stamps and their interesting history. For example, a book on stamps can be found online.
  • Another way to celebrate the day is by posting designs and collections on social media using popular hashtags.

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5 Interesting Facts About National US Postage Stamp Day

Here are the top 5 interesting facts about National US Postage Stamp Day.

  • Postal stamps were first made by hand. Hand stamps made of cork or wood were popular earlier.
  • In smaller countries where a limited number of intricate stamps are produced, stamp collectors help the economy.


1. When was the first US postage stamp?

The first US postage stamp was released on 1st July 1847.

2. What were the first two U.S. stamps?

The first two postage stamps depicted the images of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. The first stamp was released in the year 1847.

3. When did the US Forever stamps start?

The first US Forever stamp featured the Statue of Liberty. It went on sale in April 2007.

4. When was the first postage stamp released in India?

The first postal stamp in India went on sale in the year 1852.

The National US Postage Stamps Day is celebrated on July 1st. The day commemorates the history of the postal stamps, its importance, and the postal officers. It is also a day for the Philatelists or the postage collectors. To celebrate this day people can read about the history of stamps, start a stamp collection, achieve or showcase it on social media. Moreover, writing a letter to a loved one can also be done to celebrate this day. To discover more articles like this one, keep following Leverage Edu.

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