National Cinema Day 2023: Buy a Movie Ticket for INR 99 on This Day!

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national cinema day

National Cinema Day is annually celebrated on 13th October all over India. According to the Multiplex Association of India (MAI), movie tickets at all cinemas in India will cost as low as INR 99 on this National Cinema Day 2023. National Cinema Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the art and culture of cinema. It is an opportunity for people to recognize the impact of films on society, the arts, and the entertainment industry. Let’s read more about this national event.


The Multiplex Association of India initiated the celebration of the first National Cinema Day in 2022. Initially, 16th September was decided to celebrate National Cinema Day but was later changed to 23rd September. This year, National Cinema Day will be observed on 13th October 2023. 

During last year’s celebration, more than 65 lacs people observed National Cinema Day by visiting the theatres. The President of MAI Kamal Gianchandani wrote on his social media account, ‘Audiences of all ages came together to celebrate this historic day at the cinemas. We are thankful to the 6.5 plus million moviegoers who attended their local cinema to purchase movie tickets, making 23 September the highest attended day of the year for the Indian cinema industry.’

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Buy a Movie Ticket for INR 99

The MAI and cinemas all over India declared that the prices of all movie tickets this National Cinema Day 2023 will be as low as INR 99. Critics argue that cinema owners might face losses because of this action. However, the Indian cinema industry has done pretty well in terms of income, giving access to theatre and movies at affordable prices. This opportunity allows people to watch a movie for just INR 99 at any MAI-associated theatre in India. 

Movie tickets on this day can be booked online and offline. Online platforms like Paytm and BookMyShow allow you to book online tickets in advance. Interested people can either download their applications or visit their website to purchase their movie tickets online for 13th October 2023. 

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Importance of National Cinema Day

National Cinema Day serves as a platform to promote the importance of supporting the film industry, including filmmakers, actors, directors, producers, and all other professionals involved in the process of making and promoting films. It encourages people to appreciate the diverse range of films and genres that contribute to the richness and diversity of global cinema.

Different countries have their own such days and their celebrations may vary and activities associated with it can differ depending on the region. However, the main objective remains consistent: to celebrate the art of filmmaking and its profound impact on society and culture. 

This day allows people to recognize and celebrate the cultural significance of films and their role in preserving and reflecting societal values, traditions, and history. It also promotes the educational value of films, encouraging film education programs and initiatives that help people, especially the youth, understand the history, techniques, and impact of cinema on society.


Q1. When do we observe National Cinema Day?

A1. National Cinema Day is observed on the 13th of October to support the film industry, including filmmakers, actors, directors, producers, and all other professionals involved in the process of making and promoting films.

Q2. What is the importance of National Cinema Day?

A2. Due to factors such as cultural appreciation, artistic expression, industry recognition and community involvement, National Cinema Day has become an important event in the entire country.

Q3. How can I buy a ticket for INR 99?

A3. At the National Cinema Day 2023, movie tickets will be available for INR 99. People who want to enjoy a movie in a theatre can either buy a movie ticket online on platforms like Paytm and BookMyShow or visit their nearest cinemas.

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