World Poetry Day 2024- Date, History, Theme, Significance

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I wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high o’er vales and hills, taken from William Wordsworth’s Daffodils, expresses the serene beauty of nature and the pleasure it brings to a wander. Isn’t it beautiful how a few lines of poetry have the power to describe such deep feelings? Well, you can do that too on this World Poetry Day, an annual celebration that takes place on March 21. This day aims to celebrate poetry and linguistic diversity as well as helping languages to be heard. Let’s learn more about its history, theme, and significance. 

Name of the dayWorld Poetry Day
Observed on21 March
Reason To promote the importance of poetry in fostering creativity and preserving cultural heritage.

History of World Poetry Day

Before moving further, let’s take a look at the history of this day: 

  • World Poetry Day was established by UNESCO in the year 1999. It all happened during its 30th General Conference which took place in Paris, France.
  • It was during this day that March 21st was declared as the official date of this annual observance.
  • Since then, the day has been celebrated worldwide with schools and colleges organizing poetry events for students of all ages.

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Theme of World Poetry Day 2024

Every year a theme is decided to ensure that the celebration of this day runs parallel to the specific goal of interest. The official theme of World Poetry Day 2024 has not been declared by the official sources yet. The theme for 2023 was “Always a Poet, Even in Prose”

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What is the Significance of World Poetry Day?

The celebration of World Poetry Day is significant for various reasons such as:

  • Source of creativity: The day highlights poetry as an important source of creative and artistic inspiration. 
  • Preserving oral traditions: It also recognizes poetry as an important instrument in preserving oral traditions and folklore and passing them down through generations.
  • Fostering unity: This day recognizes poetry and its power to bring people together despite social, cultural, and geographical demarcations, fostering unity and collaboration. 
  • Educational value: Additionally, World Poetry Day celebrates the educational value of poetry in helping students develop language skills and creative thinking skills

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How to Observe World Poetry Day?

Here are the different ways through which you can celebrate this World Poetry Day 2024 with your friends and other poetry enthusiasts:

  • Write a poem
  • Organize a poem-writing competition with your friends
  • Read poems written by famous writers around the world
  • Play interactive games such as quizzes based on the world of literature

5 Famous Poets and Poems

Edgar Allan Poe

Writing period: 19th century 

Famous poems: The Raven, Annabel Lee, Lenore

William Shakespeare 

Writing period: Elizabethan Age

Famous poems: Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s Day?, The Phoenix and the Turtle

world poetry day

Emily Dickinson

Writing period: Victorian-era

Famous poems: “Hope” is the thing with feathers, Because I could not stop for Death, I’m Nobody! Who are you?

world poetry day

Pablo Neruda

Writing period: 20th century

Famous poems: Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines, Ode to My Socks, Cat’s Dream

world poetry day

Robert Frost

Writing period: 20th century 

Famous poems: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, The Road Not Taken, Fire and Ice

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Why is World Poetry Day celebrated?

World Poetry Day is celebrated every 21 March to celebrate and raise awareness about the importance of poetry as a form of expression. It was established by UNESCO in 1999.

Is March 21 a poetry day?

Yes, every March 21 is celebrated worldwide as World Poetry Day. It aims to bring people together from different backgrounds and find a form of mutual expression. 

Who created World Poetry Day?

World Poetry Day was established by UNESCO in 1999 during its 30th session in Paris, France.

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