World Saree Day: Traditional yet Trendsetter

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World Saree Day

World Saree Day is a wonderful initiative that is celebrated on an annual basis to celebrate the beauty and elegance of the saree. World Saree Day is celebrated on 21 December every year. Saree is an ethnic wear, worn by women of the society. It is a traditional wear which can never go out of fashion. Various countries around the world conduct a fashion show to showcase the types of saree and it not only reflects the tradition but also proves the fact that saree will always remain the trendsetter. If you wish to know more about sarees then, stay tuned and continue reading this blog!

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World Saree Day 2023

Saree Day in India is celebrated on 21 December 2023. Saree is not just a piece of cloth, it reflects the culture of India as well as some other parts of the world. Banarasi Silk Saree is one of the world-famous saree. Various types of sarees are displayed in the video below. Every saree is different in itself. The saree enhances the beauty of the girl or woman and is the most feminine attire in the world.

You can drape a saree in many different ways to give it a new look. Sarees are considered to be the show-stopper pieces as they never run out of fashion.

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Why World Saree Day is Celebrated?

world saree day
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World Saree Day is celebrated to honour the crafts of the weavers who design beautiful sarees for us to wear. They not only provided us with the best outfits to wear but also preserved the culture of India and passed it through generations. Wearing a saree is a powerful exchange of emotions between weavers and wearers. 

Sarees are made with different fabrics and with different textures. Every saree is an exceptional work that reflects the dedication and creativity of the weaver. From the Silk of Kanchipuram, and cotton sarees of Bengal, to Banarasi Sarees of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, every state of India has their masterpieces. Women and girls of our society are taking the heritage forward by wearing sarees anywhere and everywhere, from home to runways making them the trendsetters. 

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World Saree Day 2023 Malaysia

Malaysia has conducted a fashion show to celebrate one of the most elegant ethnic wear Saree. Different types of stage shows such as dancing and singing took place at the event. The Fashion show was centred around different types of sarees worn in traditional as well as contemporary manners to promote sarees around the world and recognize the work of weavers who have done exceptional work to protect and preserve the culture. 

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Who made the first saree in the world?

Saree was traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Cotton was first cultivated in India and was woven into cloth in the 5th millennium BCE.

Which country’s culture is saree?

The saree is the traditional garment of India worn by women. It is considered to be the culture of India and you will find girls and women wearing sarees from street to runways thus making this garment a statement piece. Some of the countries in which sarees are worn more often are India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

What is the date of World Saree Day?

World Saree Day is celebrated on 21 December every year.

Which saree is world famous?

Banarasi Silk Saree is among the world’s most famous sarees due to its intricate pattern and fabric quality. Due to its exceptional patterns and fabric, it is one of the costliest sarees.

Which is the saree capital of India?

Kanchipuram, a city in Tamil Nadu also known as the “City of Silks” is the saree capital of India. It is famous for its exclusive silk sarees having gold zari work. Apart from Kanchipuram, West Bengal, Varanasi, Mysore, and Hyderabad are also famous for sarees in India.

This was all about World Saree Day. Do let us know which is your favourite saree in the comment section below. For more information about such informative articles, check the trending events page of Leverage Edu.

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