International Men’s Day 2023: Theme, History, Objective, and Activities

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International Men's Day

Every boy has heard the proverb “Boys Don’t Cry” since childhood, whether it was from their parents, in school, or from their close-knit circle of friends. Ideally, we should instil in our kids that sobbing is completely fine, regardless of gender. We tend to associate crying with one gender, particularly boys, despite the fact that it’s not a sign of weakness. Due to the indoctrination of “boys don’t cry” concepts since childhood, boys frequently suppress their emotions from even their closest friends and family out of concern that others would perceive them as “weak” individuals. We frequently exalt the hardships faced by women while overlooking the contributions made by the “men” in our lives. On 19 November, the world celebrates International Men’s Day. Since there are many reasons to do so, let’s look at some of the objectives and history of this day.

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International Men’s Day Theme 2023

The theme of International Men’s Day 2023 is Zero Male Suicide. As per an estimate twice as many men kill themselves as compared to women. Men bear an unsaid social burden and they also sense an extra sense of responsibility to earn and run the family. As per the traditional method, it is the duty of men to earn bread and butter for the family. According to Professor Dan Bilsker, we are in the middle of a silent epidemic of male suicide. Hence, this years theme focuses to reduce and eliminate the number of suicide in male community.

Objective Behind Celebrating International Men’s day

The goal of celebrating International Men’s Day is the same as International Women’s Day to recognize and appreciate the contributions made by each gender to our society and, more specifically, to our lives. By saying this, we do not intend to minimize the contributions made by women in our community; it is simply a matter of equality. Its sole purpose is to promote gender equality and raise awareness of gender relations. Additionally, it promises to make the world a better and safer place where individuals can reach their full potential.

Suppressing one’s voice, opinions, or emotions has a detrimental long-term impact on one’s mental health. The goal of International Men’s Day is to address a wide range of issues relating to the mental health of men. Men, women, and organizations from more than 60 different nations throughout the world endorse this. We can give International Men’s Day more significance by praising male role models, acknowledging the contributions of men and boys, combating prejudice, promoting positive gender relations, and making the world safer for everyone.

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History of International Men’s Day

Thomas Oaster originally came up with the idea for International Men’s Day in 1991, and it was first observed on February 7 of that same year. Dr Jerome Teelucksingh, a history instructor at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad Tobago, reintroduced the day in 1999. 

Uma Chulla, an Indian men’s rights advocate, began the celebrations in India in 2007. This goal was to show the appalling mistreatment that males endure in the nation’s anti-male justice system. Other subjects covered include liver fat alterations and belly obesity, which are growing issues for Indian males.

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Timeline of International Men’s Day

In 1968, The Soviet Union’s celebration of International Women’s Day and the absence of an International Men’s Day went against the fundamental tenets of communism, according to an editorial by American journalist John P. Harris. Thomas Oaster then issued invitations to organizations in 1993 to hold modest Men’s Day celebrations in Malta, Australia, and the United States.

Then, in 1999, Trinidadian Jerome Teelucksingh brought back International Men’s Day to draw attention to good male role models and the significance of men’s health.

In 2009, Malta, which had continued to mark International Men’s Day in February, changed the day’s official observance to fall in November to coincide with the rest of the world.

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International Men’s Day Activities 

Whether in the capacity of father, brother, husband, or friend, men unquestionably strive to exceed and beyond frequently to make their loved ones feel special. Here is a list of a few things you may do to show your support for men in honour of International Men’s Day, which is around the corner.

  • Men’s Day receives less attention than Women’s Day. Ladies, you can change that and show your man his efforts are appreciated. Make your family, friends, and kids more aware of it by talking about it. Children and the generation after them will grasp the true meaning of equality by following in our footsteps.
  • Call all of his close friends or those who haven’t spoken to them in a while owing to a busy schedule and arrange a surprise dinner or lunch for him at your house. The joyous look in his eyes will be something you’ll never forget.
  • It’s usually the guys who take the women shopping; this time, it’s your turn, girls; take them to their favourite store.
  • Donate to organizations that support the physical and mental health of men in order to make them feel special on this day. 
  • Give them their favourite device or anything else they must have been contemplating for a while but refrained from purchasing for the benefit of others.

Is it Over Hyped or Anti-Feminist?

The fact that men can also be victims of rape, sexual exploitation, suicide,  and domestic abuse is frequently ignored because of our gender-biased system and the way in which men are portrayed negatively in the media. The fundamental problem with this is the prevalent worldview that sees males as evildoers in every circumstance. Men are encouraged as they mature to project a strong, unaffected image, which frequently conceals a tremendous desire to express how they are feeling. While it is not true that women experience mental health problems more easily than males, data suggests that cultural viewpoints and gender expectations may considerably raise the suicide risk for men. Saying that it is Over-Hyped or Anti-feminist, would be an unfair thing. Speaking out in support of the welfare and health of men is the focus of this day. The ultimate goal of this day is to spread awareness of men and fundamental humanitarian principles. 

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We must recognize the distinctions between men and women and address their individual struggles. Notably, neither International Men’s Day nor International Women’s Day is a segregated occasion. Men and women who want to spread awareness, improve our community, and inform more people about their concerns can participate in these celebrations and make a world more equal, instead, a better world.

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Q1. Why International Men’s Day is celebrated?

A. International Men’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of the father of Dr Jerome Teelucksingh, Professor of History, University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago. It was first celebrated in 1999 and since then, this day is dedicated to highlight the issues related to boys and men in the society.

Q2. What is the theme of Men’s Day 2023?

A. The theme of International Men’s Day 2023 is Zero Male Suicide.

Q3. When is men’s day celebrated across the world?

A. It is celebrate on 19 November every year to highlight the issues faced by the male community and to spread awareness about a particular issues. For this year, the objective of men’s day is to eradicate suicide with the theme of Zero Male Suicide.

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