Find Out How Naaz Joshi Became India’s First Transgender Showstopper

Naaz Joshi

The person who faced discrimination at every step of life and career, Naaz Joshi absolutely made a huge impact in society and amongst the LGBTQ+ community. Being born as a boy in an upper-class family, Joshi fought against the odds and became country’s first transgender beauty queen by winning the Empress Earth 2021-22 title. Let’s explore the journey of Naaz Joshi from breaking all stereotypes and becoming the showstopper!

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Becoming International Beauty Queen

Naaz Joshi is the winner of eight beauty crowns who fought the societal norms to be where she is today. Initially, the contest for the Empress Earth title was scheduled to be held in Dubai on June 1, 2021, but was cancelled due to the pandemic. With the help of suggestions from different contestants, the competition was held virtually. The countries that were the top-performing nations included Columbia, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, and India.

The final question to the finalists was, “Do you feel lockdown is the solution to the pandemic?”; Naaz Joshi answered, “No, just lockdown can decrease the number of patients. It’s also the duty of every human being to take care of the safety measures as recommended by WHO, and we queens should motivate others to stay calm and positive.” 

She has held sessions at different universities like Lovely Professional University in Punjab and Vellore Institute of Technology and especially focused on sensitizing people about the LGBTQ+ people.

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Early Life

Naaz Joshi was born as a boy named Aizya in Delhi in an upper-middle-class family. During her school days, she identified herself as a girl, where she faced discrimination at large because of her choices. The male teachers in her school used to teach her how to walk like a boy.

Not just that, Naaz Joshi went through abuse at her maternal uncle’s house, where she was sheltered by a trans woman.  After being sheltered by a trans woman, she embraced her life and would dance dressed as a girl in the evening, and would attend school in the morning as a boy. 

In 2009, she got into the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi. She worked with famous designers like Ritu Kumar and Ritu Beri after her college years. However, Naaz Joshi struggled to get a steady income and get a job. 

At this time, she earns ₹5,000 as the showstopper model. Society is still questioning the need for a trans model, which certainly makes it difficult for people in the LGBTQ+ community.

What an inspiring story! This definitely encourages us to work on who we want to be, and embrace every part of us as our own. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments down below. For more content like this, stay connected to Leverage Edu and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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