World Wetlands Day: History, Theme, Significance

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world wetlands day 2024

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on 2 February. This day marks the date when the Convention on Wetlands was adopted on 2 February back in the year 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar. Moreover, the day aims to raise awareness about the importance of wetlands in maintaining ecosystems on our planet and playing a pivotal role in contributing to biodiversity. Read this article to get insights about World Wetlands Day, its theme, history, and significance!

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Name of the eventWorld Wetlands Day
Observed on2 February 
Theme 2024 Wetlands and Human Wellbeing
Aim To highlight the important role of wetlands in our planet’s overall health and to inspire people to protect them.

What are Wetlands?

In layman’s language, wetlands refer to areas on the earth where water covers specific parts of the earth or is present either at or near the surface of the soil all year or for varying periods during the year. Wetlands vary depending on the regional and local differences in soil, vegetation, water chemistry, climate, and other factors. 

International Wetlands Day 2024
Source: National Geographic Society

Wetlands of two types including coastal or tidal wetlands and inland or non-tidal wetlands. They include freshwater, marine, and coastal ecosystems such as lakes, swaps, marshes, wet grasslands, tidal flats, underground aquifers, and so on. 

History of the International Wetlands Day

Interestingly, the history of World Wetlands Day is intricately intertwined with the Convention on Wetlands, also known as the Ramasar Convention. International Wetlands Day traces its origins back to 1971 when the Convention on Wetlands was adopted as an international treaty. On 30 August 2021, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 75/317 which subsequently established 2 February as World Wetlands Day.

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What is the Theme of World Wetlands Day 2024?

The Standing Committee of the Convention has already declared the theme for World Wetlands Day. In 2022, the theme was Wetlands Action for People and Nature, in 2023, the theme was Wetland Restoration. The theme for 2024 is Wetlands and Human Wellbeing.

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Source: Essay on Biodiversity

Significance of Celebrating International Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day holds great significance and is celebrated for different reasons such as:

  • Since the 1770s, nearly 90% of the world’s wetlands have been deteriorated. Thus, we are losing the important components of ecosystems at a much faster rate than ordinary. 
  • Wetlands contribute to biodiversity, freshwater availability, climate mitigation, and so much more.
  • The day offers an opportunity for people and governments around the world to take effective actions at the individual and collective levels. 
  • It also highlights the shared responsibility towards the protection and conservation of wetlands. 
  • The day raises awareness among people about the urgency of reversing the rapid loss of wetlands and taking immediate action to restore them. 

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5 Quotes on World Wetlands Day

A healthy wetland is a happy wetland. And a happy wetland makes for a happy planet.

– Ramsar Convention Secretariat

Wetlands are the kidneys of the Earth. They filter our water, store our carbon, and provide a home to countless species. Let’s cherish them.

– Kofi Annan

Wetlands are the cradles of biodiversity. They are where life begins, and where it flourishes.

– Jacques Cousteau

We can’t drink oil. We can’t eat gold. We can’t breathe diamonds. Protect the wetlands.

– Vandana Shiva

Wetlands are not wastelands. They are wonderlands.

– Pavan Sukhdev
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What is the theme of the World Wetlands Day 2024?

The theme of World Wetlands Day 2024 is Wetlands and Human Wellbeing. The theme of the previous year’s Wetlands Day was Wetland Restoration. This theme highlights the need of the hour which is prioritizing wetland restoration.

Why is Wetland Day celebrated?

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on 2 February to raise awareness about the crucial role of wetlands in our lives and the overall environment. Additionally, the day also marks the date when the Convention on Wetlands was adopted on 2 February 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar.

What is the slogan for World Wetlands Day?

Popular slogans about World Wetlands Day include, “Save the wetlands as the future of our planet Earth depends on them”. Additionally, you can also go for something like, “The wetlands help to sustain life on this planet and so it is of the utmost importance that we take the necessary steps to save them”.

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