National Geographic Day (27 January): History, Significance and Awards

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National Geographic Day

National Geographic Day is observed every year on January 27. The day pays homage to the National Geographic Magazine which has been running continuously for the last 100 years. It covers a wide range of topics ranging from geography, world culture, and science to history, and more. Over the years, the magazine has contributed to our learning by sharing informative articles and appealing pictures to cater to its audience. Read this article to know more about this day its history and its significance!

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Name of the event National Geographic Day
Observed onJanuary 27
Reason To honor the National Geography Magazine.

History of the National Geographic Day

Before moving on, let’s first take a look at the historical overview of National Geographic Day. 

  • The National Geographic magazine traces its origins back to the creation of the National Geographic Society in 1888.
  • The Society was founded with the primary motive of disseminating information about geography.
  • It was the same year when the magazine was started as a monthly publication only to become a masterpiece of all times.
  • The aim of this magazine was to inform its readers about a diverse category of topics such as history, anthropology, and the natural world.
  • Over the years, the Magazine reached new heights and achieved unanticipated popularity.
  • Its success is partially attributed to the experienced team of scholars and the NPO or non–profit organization that funds it.
  • Initially started as a mere scholarly publication, the magazine now has over 40 million readers.  
National Geographic Day

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Significance of the National Geographic Day

As mentioned earlier, this day is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the contributions made by the National Geographic magazine. The day also urges people around the world to not only recognize it as the most valuable educational resource but also its importance in enriching our lives. 

  • National Geographic has always been at the forefront of exploring the depths and heights of our planet. 
  • Since 1888, the National Geographic magazine has been published consistently and provided readers with concise valuable information.
  • By raising awareness about our planet’s most concerning issues, National Geographic Magazine urges its readers to make environmentally friendly decisions and make positive changes every day.
  • Whether it’s about the Nat Geo magazine that we read or the informative documentaries they show, all this helps readers and viewers explore diverse cultures and their traditions.

How to Celebrate National Geographic Day?

There are different ways through which you can celebrate this day such as:

  • Spend the day outdoors: You can spend your day exploring the beauty and bounty of nature by taking a stroll in the park or going for a hike.
  • Read more: You can take this opportunity to learn about the different environmental issues, cultures, and wildlife by reading articles and magazines. 
  • Support others: Another effective way is to support organizations by donating or volunteering for them. This will not only boost their morale but also help you in learning more about wildlife environmental conservation and habitat restoration. 
National Geographic Day
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National Geographic Day Awards 

Interestingly, the National Geographic Society honors exceptional individuals in the field of science, education, and technology by awarding them numerous awards. Below we have mentioned a few of them: 

  • Gilbert M. Grosvenor Educator Of The Year
  • Planetary Leadership Award
  • National Geographic Society/Buffett Award For Leadership In Conservation
  • Eliza Scidmore Award For Outstanding Science Media
  • Hubbard Medal
  • Rolex National Geographic Explorer Of The Year
  • Further Award

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Why do we celebrate National Geographic Day?

The US Geographic Day is observed every year on January 27. On this day, citizens pay their respects and tribute to the National Geographic Magazine that has been running for the last 100 years. It is globally recognized for featuring amazing high-quality photographs and informative articles. 

Why do we celebrate Geography Day in India?

Every year on January 14, India celebrates Geography Day to commemorate the birth anniversary of Chandrashekar Dhundiraj Deshpande, a renowned Indian Geographer. 

When is Geography Day celebrated? 

The Geography Day is celebrated in India every year on January 14. On this day, the country commemorates the birth anniversary of Chandrashekar Dhundiraj Deshpande and his valuable contributions. 

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