Energy Conservation Day 2023

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Energy Conservation Day; solar panels, recycling
Energy Conservation Day

Energy conservation addresses environmental challenges, reduces carbon emissions, and ensures a sustainable and secure energy future. Moreover, by raising awareness and promoting energy-efficient behaviours, Energy Conservation Day aims to contribute to the global efforts towards building a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world for all. 

When is Energy Conservation Day Observed?

Energy Conservation Day is observed annually on the 14th of December. The day is dedicated to promoting the importance of energy conservation and raising awareness about the need to use energy resources more efficiently. Furthermore, the goal is to encourage individuals, communities, and organizations to adopt sustainable practices and reduce their energy consumption to minimise the environmental impact and ensure the long-term availability of energy resources for all of humanity. 

What is the Theme for Energy Conservation Day 2023?

The theme for Energy Conservation Day 2023 has not been decided yet. However, the theme usually revolves around conservation and sustainability.

Nature shatters artificial boundaries beautifully

What is the History of the Energy Conservation Day?

In 19991, the Government of India under the Ministry of Power launched a scheme to give recognition to enterprises and organisations that have made efforts to reduce energy consumption. Moreover, these awards are given by distinguished dignitaries. In the year 2002, a statutory board, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) was set up at the central level to implement the Energy Conservation Act of 2001. 

Furthermore, last Energy Conservation Day the government launched the ‘EV YATRA’ Portal and Mobile Application. 

How can we contribute to Conserving Energy every day? 

These are the ways we can contribute to conservation every day: 

  • Use Energy-Efficient Appliances
  • Switch to LED Lighting
  • Unplug Devices
  • Choose Energy-Efficient Transportation
  • Air Dry Clothes
  • Plant Trees and Use Shade
  • Promote Conservation at Work
  • Educate Others
Source: Smile and Learn- English

Activities on Energy Conservation Day 

Here are activities to do:

  1. Create Awareness Campaigns 
  2. Workshops and Seminars
  3. School and College Programs 
  4. Community Outreach Programs 
  5. Corporate Engagement 
  6. Energy Pledges 
  7. Media Coverage 
  8. Government and NGO Collaborations

Fun Fact: Turning off a single incandescent light bulb for just one hour saves enough energy to power a television for three hours. This simple act highlights the significant impact that small, individual actions can have on conserving energy resources.

Quotes and Slogans on Energy Conservation Day

Take a look at some quotes and slogans:

  • “Conserve today, power tomorrow.”
  • “Small actions, big energy savings.”
  • “Energy saved is a future gained.”
  • “Switch it off, power up.”
  • “Watt’s your impact? Conserve.”
  • “Light the way to conservation.”
  • “Be a powerhouse of savings.”
  • “Energy-wise for a better tomorrow.”

Posters on Energy Conservation Day

Here are some posters:

Source: Karnataka Gramin Bank
Source: PosterMyWall 
Source: Renewable India
Source: European Parliamentary Research Service 

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Why is World Energy Conservation Day celebrated?

World Energy Conservation Day is celebrated to promoting the importance of energy conservation and raising awareness about the need to use energy resources more efficiently. 

What is the World energy conservation Day December 14 2023?

The world energy conservation day observed on the 14th of December, 2023 is dedicated to the conservation of energy. 

Who is the father of energy conservation day?

The father of energy conservation day is Arthur Hinton Rosenfeld. 

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