World Teen Mental Wellness Day: History, Goal, Importance  

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World Teen Mental Wellness Day 2024

Nowadays, teenagers are quite self-conscious about their looks and health. Have you ever considered the possibility of improving your mental health? Most likely not, if there had not been such a large number of cases, campaigns, and awareness-raising efforts addressing it, people might not have begun to take it seriously. Your mental health is vital, or more accurately, it should come first. It is the most significant element of well-being. It establishes your personality and aids in influencing how you behave on a psychological, emotional, and social level. Let’s talk about the World Teen Mental Wellness Day 2024 helped us achieve the objective of realising the significance of mental health.

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History of World Teen Mental Wellness Day

On 2 March of every year, people all across the world mark “World Teen Mental Wellness Day”. It is a day intended to increase public awareness of the mental health problems that youth face. The very important dialogues about mental health are addressed on International Adolescent Mental Health Day and continue afterwards. People frequently lack empathy for what kids go through, and the stigma attached to mental illness might discourage young people from seeking assistance. This day promotes open dialogue and awareness to support teenagers all across the world.

Apart from celebrating this day, all need to highlight the fact that kids of today’s generation are the most affected mentally. As per the American Psychological Association, Gen Z (a generation of people born between 1997 and 2012) has the worst mental health of any generation. However, teens are inclined to make a difference by focusing and talking about mental health despite the social stigma. According to YPulse, 64 per cent of Gen Z say they want to achieve a healthier lifestyle for overall happiness and focus on self-care routine.

Source: 11Alive

Objective of World Teen Mental Wellness Day 

The goal of this day is to de-stigmatize an issue that is getting more widespread while also educating everyone. On numerous platforms, there are educational and practical resources on this subject. Teens sadly frequently experience mental health issues, accounting for 16% of illnesses and injuries among those between the ages of 10 and 19. Beginning at the age of 14, mental health problems frequently go misdiagnosed and untreated. 

These are two of the biggest causes of death, and they can also trigger additional issues like substance misuse.

Source: Good Morning America

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Awareness About World Teen Mental Wellness Day

2 March marks World Teen Mental Wellness Day, a time to raise awareness of the millions of young people who struggle with mental health challenges. It can be terrifying to learn that a young person you care about suffers from a mental disease, such as:

It does not imply that they cannot live happy lives while controlling their situations, though. For the diagnosis and treatment of adolescent and young adult mental illnesses. Skilled clinicians and practitioners assist young people in determining what suits them best and equip them with the tools they need to manage their mental health diagnosis when they return home.

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How to Cope with Teen Mental Wellness? 

Here are the primary ways to cope with World Teen Mental Wellness Day 2024:

1. Be Good to Yourself 

The adolescent years can be challenging. Everyone would understandably feel overwhelmed if there was a global pandemic on top of that. Spend some time being kind to yourself and getting to know your thoughts through practices like journaling and meditation.

2. Adopt the Cause 

Consider how you may aid the cause. Prioritise your mental wellness by addressing the illness. If you feel overwhelmed and lost, it’s ok to seek help and address the challenge you are facing. Looking for available resources and treatment choices is always a good step.

3. Speak with Teenagers 

Make sure the teenagers in your life are doing okay. People frequently only require someone you can confide in and chat with. Ask them how they are doing and if there is anything going mind. Provide a compassionate environment without judgment. Perhaps inform a family member if their position seems problematic. Call 1800-599-0019 if there is a crisis or an immediate danger.

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Importance of World Teen Mental Wellness Day

We have discussed why World Teen Mental Wellness Day is important:

1. Awareness is Important 

Everybody needs to be aware. Even though we have made great progress since then, there is still much to be done. Due to the general lack of knowledge on the subject, many mental health problems go undiagnosed and untreated. To secure a better future, both youth and their parents or other adult carers should be educated and informed.

2. Stigma Needs to End 

In our society, those who have mental health concerns have long been ostracised. Many unfavourable stereotypes exist regarding people who have mental diseases and those who are affected by them. They are unfounded, based on falsehoods, and discourage people from seeking assistance. Increasing awareness is a good starting step towards ending this stigma.

3. Reminder: It’s OK Not To Be OK 

This a gentle reminder that it’s acceptable to not be okay. It may seem like no one understands individuals who are suffering, especially if they do so silently, and that they are fighting this struggle alone themselves. This day serves as a reminder to kids that they are not alone, that it’s alright to feel how they do, and that there is a tonne of support available.

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Why is mental wellness important?

Mental wellness helps us to determine how to make healthy choices, helps to tackle everyday stress and also helps in relating with others. 

How does mental health affect teens?

Mental health has a huge emphasis on impacting teens’ usual way of feeling, acting, thinking or interfering with daily life.

What is the hardest part of being a teenager in today’s scenario? 

Peer pressure is the hardest thing to deal with for teenagers these days.

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