World Braille Day- History & Significance

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Every year, the World Braille Day is observed on 4 January. The aim of this day is to raise awareness about the importance of Braille as a mode of communication for visually impaired people. Apart from this, the day also marks the birth anniversary of Louis Braille, who at the young age of 15 invented the tactile system for reading and writing for people who are blind or partially sighted. 

Name of the EventWorld Braille DAY
Date4 January 
Aim To honor and commemorate Louis Braille and spread awareness about braille as an accessible mode of communication for visually impaired people. 
Established byThe UN General Assembly

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Who is Louis Braille?

Before moving on, let us first learn about the namesake of this day:

Source: Britannica
  • Louis Braille was born on January 4 1809 in Paris, France.
  • Although born with perfect vision, Braille became completely blind at the age of three due to an accident. 
  • Despite initial difficulties, Braille managed to make the most out of his life and became a notable musician and organist. 
  • Upon receiving a scholarship, he attended the National Institute for Blind Children and started teaching there in 1826. 
  • Ultimately, Braille became the French educator who developed a unique system of writing called Braille that is exclusively used by blind people. 

History of World Braille Day

Interestingly, this day has a short history ingeniously intertwined with the life of its namesake. World Braille Day was established by the UN General Assembly in December 2018. Since then, it has been considered among the most important days and dates. Moreover, the world actually started celebrating it in the year 2019. 

Around 30-36 million people on this planet are blind. By the year 2050, the number of people diagnosed with blindness will rise to a whopping 100-115 million. People who are struggling with impaired eyesight face difficulties in everyday life. From using a computer to arranging clothes and navigating a new neighborhood, everything becomes a tough nut to crack.

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Significance of World Braille Day

World Braille Day holds immense significance for people around the world. It reminds us about the importance of developing an easily accessible communication system for blind people. In today’s world, the braille system is used across different fields such as banks, hospitals, and restaurants to provide visually impaired people with the freedom to make their own decisions independently. 

Apart from this, it also helps people recognize that everyone around the world, despite their differences, deserves the same treatment. Therefore, it is important for every citizen to play their part and make public or professional places accessible to everyone. 

Source: In One Lesson

Sava Shiksha Abhiyan v. Prakash Singh (2010)

In the 2010 landmark case of Sava Shiksha Abhiyan v. Prakash Singh, the need for equal educational opportunities and access for visually impaired students was highlighted. The case was centered around Prakash Singh, a young boy who was denied braille textbooks at his government school. This not only hindered his learning but also violated his right to education under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act (RTE Act).

The court was swift to recognize the crucial role of braille in empowering visually impaired students. Consequently, it mandated all government schools to provide learning materials such as braille textbooks and expert faculty trained in braille instruction. This case judgment stands as the epitome of inclusive education across India. 

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5 Quotes on World Braille Day

On this World Braille Day, you can add interesting quotes to make your social media posts and stories most informative. Here are a few ideas to consider: 

world braille day

Every raised dot whispers, ‘You are not alone’. – Helen Keller

Braille isn’t just a language, it’s a bridge between two worlds.

– Christel Ricker, German blind Paralympian runner
world braille day

Literacy in braille empowers individuals to participate fully in society and achieve their full potential. – Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations

Braille is not just a code, it’s a language of liberation.

– Helen Keller, American author and activist

“The invention of braille was a gift to the blind, a key that unlocked a prison.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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When was World Braille Day established?

World Braille Day was first established in the year 2018. The UN General Assembly announced January 4th as the official day that not only holds great significance for visually impaired people but also commemorates the birthday of Louis Braille.

Why is World Braille Day celebrated?

World Braille Day is celebrated every day on January 4 as it coincides with the birthdate of Louis Braille. He, at the very young age of merely 15 years, became the mastermind behind inventing the Braille system as a tactile system for reading and writing for blind or partially sighted people. 

What is the hashtag for World Braille Day?

On this World Braille Day, you can use the power of social media to raise your voice and opinions by simply sharing engaging posts. Additionally, you can use also the popular hashtag #WorldBrailleDay as the cherry on top. 

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