Holi Activities for Kindergarten: 15 Interesting Ideas for Preschool 

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Holi Activities for Kindergarten

After being curled up in our favorite blankets, playing in the snowfall, and sipping hot beverages, it is finally time to welcome the warm rays of the sun. Bidding goodbye to winter means welcoming the joy and colors of the spring season. Talking about colors, how can we forget that Holi, the festival of colors is just around the corner? Accordingly, schools across India are gearing up for student-friendly celebrations. So, if you are also looking for fun Holi activities for kindergarten students that can keep them occupied and interested, you are at the right place. 

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Kindergarten Holi Activities for Preschool

Here are the 15 best Holi activities for kindergarten and preschool students.

Storytelling Competition

There is no doubt that we have a lot of different ideas and activities to celebrate Holi with kindergarten students. But do they know about the history of this festival? Why not start from the beginning? You can organize a Holi-themed storytelling competition where students are divided into groups and take turns to tell stories. 

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DIY Holi Gift Tags

Exchanging gifts and sweets with friends, family, and relatives during any festival is a common tradition in India. You can use this opportunity to ask your students to make DIY Holi gift tags. For this, you can either go for printables to save some time or make everything from scratch. The materials required are simple such as paper, markers, tape, and thread. 

Source: ArtsyCraftsyMom

Holi Letter Display

Celebrating the festival of Holi does not always have to include splashing colored water on each other or applying gulal powder. Instead, it can be a way to turn your artistic side on. Students can also make a Holi letter display using thermocol sheets and glitter.

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Straw-Painted Holi Card

To make usual greeting cards more fun, you can use the straw method to paint them. All you need is an empty straw, water, your favorite paint colors, and a sheet of paper. Simply blow the colored water on a sheet and watch how the mystery unfolds. 

Source: Kidsburgh

Happy Holi Banner

Another amazing way to plan Holi activities for kindergarten students is to help them make a Happy Holi banner. All you need is colorful paper, scissors, thread, tape, and some markers. 

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DIY Greeting Cards

To take another step towards an eco-friendly Holi, you can ask your students to use different types of leaves, flowers, and vegetables to create beautiful DIY greeting cards. They are easy to make and can help students explore their artistic side with the available materials. 

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Quilled Pichkari

You can also help your students make quilled pichkari using quilling paper strips and other tools. They are easy to make and will keep them occupied for some time. 

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Rainbow in a Plate

If kids cannot step out of the classroom due to harsh weather, why not bring the rainbow inside? Line up gems around the circumference of your plate and add some water. Wait for some time and see how the gems release their pigment slowly and steadily, making a rainbow right in front of your eyes. 

Source: Gift of Curiosity

Tape Resist Coloring 

To make a tape-resistant Holi coloring masterpiece, take some tape and write Happy Holi on a piece of paper. Next, ask your students to use different colored crayons and run their imagination. Once they are done coloring, you will have a beautiful multicolored painting ready within a few minutes only. 

Raised Salt Painting

Raised salt painting can be used for any occasion to keep students intrigued throughout the day. First, draw the outline of any preferred cartoon character or object. Next, use glue on the outline and sprinkle some salt on it. You can also add some gulal to color your salt. Once everything has dried, you will have a beautiful salt painting. 

Source: HappyHepburn

Cooking Activities 

If possible, you can also provide your students with different delicacies and ask them to decorate them to their liking. Think of it as decorating a gingerbread house. You can ask them to arrange tables and chairs in a circle, spread the tablecloth, provide water glasses, and other essential items, and let them host a fun Holi party. This is a brilliant option among other kindergarten Holi activities for preschool.

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Musical Chairs

You can also play musical chairs but with a twist. Rather than playing songs randomly, you can ask your students to select Holi special Bollywood songs, dress up as their favorite characters, and then use this custom-made playlist to play musical chairs.  

Source: Harmony Lodge Music

Holi-Inspired Face Masks

By simply using colored paper, scissors, markers, and tape, students can create Holi-inspired face masks within a few hours only. Since the festival of Holi is associated with popular legends such as Hiranyakashipu and Prahlad, you can use their reference images from the internet or let your students run their imaginations to the widest extent possible.

DIY Bouquets

You can collect wildflowers and leaves and your students can make a DIY bouquet this Holi as a fun activity. It will not only keep them away from plastic balloons and harmful colors full of chemicals but also stimulate their mind to think of the most creative ways.

Visit Orphanages and Nursing Homes

At last, you can organize a trip to orphanages and nursing homes. Students can use this opportunity to donate gulal, pichkaris, and sweets to spread happiness everywhere. Additionally, this is among the best Holi activities for kindergarten to teach them about the values of compassion, empathy, and kindness.

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What are the activities for Holi?

There are different activities suitable for primary and kindergarten students. You can help them learn the story of Holi, try a Holi dance, make greeting cards, or organize a feast. The options are endless 

How do we celebrate Holi in primary school?

There are multiple ways to celebrate the festival of Holi in primary school. For starters, you can ask parents to send their children to school wearing old clothes and let them play with DIY or organic colors. After that, you can engage them in Holi storytelling where you teach them about the festival and its different legends. At last, you can distribute sweets among the children.

What is Holi for kindergarten?

Holi is a very Hindu festival that is celebrated in India. It is also called the Festival of colors. Holi celebrates the arrival of spring and the victory of good over evil. On every Holi, we play with gulal colors and eat gujiya and fritters made by my mother. 

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