International Day of Happiness 2023

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International Day of Happiness

It’s not surprising that there has been unending philosophical debate and discussion on the topic of happiness for thousands of years because it is one of, if not the primary aim, of human life.

In particular, happiness can lead to a more equitable and well-rounded approach to economic growth, one that prioritises sustainable development, combats poverty, and improves societal and personal well-being. The goal of the International Day of Happiness is to promote happiness around the world by inspiring individuals to share their happiness with others, whether it be huge or small, and by urging each country to put its residents’ happiness first. 

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History of International Day of Happiness

Regarding its founding, the International Day of Happiness has a genuinely global history. The concept was first presented to the UN in 2011 by advisor Jayme Illien. Illien also developed “happytalism” and the United Nations New Economic Paradigm initiative, which seek to alter how nations approach economic growth by emphasising “happytalism” rather than capitalism.

The International Day of Happiness was formally established in July 2012 after the United Nations General Assembly approved the idea. It was first observed in 2013. The event recognises how crucial it is for happiness to be incorporated into public policy and how necessary it is for individuals to be happy.

The United Nations, Action for Happiness,, and other organisations participate in and sponsor the International Day of Happiness. People can share uplifting tales about what makes them happy, how their happiness benefits those around them, and how it can pave the road for a better future through these websites and social media.

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International Day of Happiness 2023

Every year on March 20, the United Nations organises the International Day of Happiness. It serves as a reminder that happiness is a human right and something to celebrate. If you’re not already joyful on this day, the festivities just could make you happier!

For instance, according to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, happiness is the only thing that people want in and of itself; all of our other goals and wants serve to make us happier in the end, but pleasure is the only thing that people pursue in and of themselves. And in the 18th and 19th centuries, utilitarians such as Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill developed an ethical theory that saw virtuous acts as those which maximize happiness and decrease suffering.

Traditions Followed

There are no fixed customs associated with this day because everyone has their own ideas about what makes them joyful. Whatever makes you happy, do it! Happiness is about being pleased and not having to pretend to feel anything. The secret to being content with your surroundings is to be internally happy, therefore push yourself and keep an open mind to new people and situations. Keep the simple things in mind and be thankful for everything you have right now.

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Timeline of International Day of Happiness

“Gross National Happiness” is Introduced (1972)

The 4th King of Bhutan, in using the term “Gross National Happiness,” stands up for the value of sustainable development and a holistic approach to economic progress, giving equal weight to non-economic components of well-being.

“Happytalism” Campaign Begins at United Nations (2006)

The “Happytalism” project was started by Jayme Illien and Luis Gallardo, the presidents of the World Happiness Foundation, to advance the cause of happiness, well-being, and freedom globally.

The Idea for International Happiness Day is Introduced (2011)

The idea for World Happiness Day was conceived by Jayme Illien of the “Happytalism” initiative, and it is presented at the United Nations General Assembly to encourage the economic development of all nations.

First International Happiness Day is Celebrated (2013)

International Happiness Day was established in the UNGA the previous year and was observed for the first time on March 20 of this year.

UN Launches Sustainable Development Goals (2015)

The list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals includes things like eradicating poverty, achieving zero hunger, good health, high-quality education, gender equality, clean water, affordable and clean energy, and many others, all of which work towards the overarching goal of making the world a happier place.

Timeline of International Day of Happiness

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How to Celebrate?

Be Socially Conscious

People are social beings. Try to reverse this trend if you’ve been putting off planning a get-together with your pals or have recently said “no” to going out a lot. You might notice that your stress levels reduce and stay low as a result of this one conversation if you go out and laugh, have fun, and don’t take yourself too seriously. One of the easiest ways to release tension is to smile or laugh, and best of all, these activities are free!

Discover More

Stress and dissatisfaction brought on by work, the economy, worries about one’s health and safety, and a host of other circumstances may be a heavy burden for anyone. But if you read a little about mindfulness, well-being, and other techniques to connect with what matters most, you might start to develop a fresh perspective on life.

Create a List

One of the easiest and greatest techniques to feel contented is as follows: List everything. Make a list of the top five things that actually bring you joy. Consider this carefully as well. Does Adam Sandler’s most recent Netflix project make you happy in the long run? After you’ve listed five items, make sure to include at least one of them in your routine. The impacts of the International Day of Happiness can then last the entire year.

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Q1. What is the theme of International Day of Happiness 2023?

Ans. Make it a point to be social

Q2. Why do we celebrate world Happiness Day?

Ans. Indeed, it is a day to smile and be joyous! The International Day of Happiness has been observed by the UN every year since 2013 to recognise the significance of happiness in people’s lives all across the world. A fundamental human objective is to be happy.

Q3. Is March 20 International Happiness Day?

Ans. The UN designates March 20 as the International Day of Happiness. By adopting one easy habit, we can all work together to make the world a better and kinder place.

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