All About World Pharmacists Day Celebration 2023

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World Pharmacists Day 2023

World Pharmacists Day is celebrated every year around the globe on 25 September. This day is celebrated to honour all the pharmacists and their contributions made towards the medical field around the world. This occasion is celebrated with the aim of supporting initiatives that highlight and defend the contribution that pharmacists make to global health improvement. 

Here are some of the facts about World Pharmacists Day that one should know about

EventName World Pharmacists Day 2023
Theme“Pharmacy strengthening health systems”
Celebrated for the 1st time2009
Governing bodyInternational Pharmaceutical Federation
Celebrations Date25 September 2023

World Pharmacists Day: Theme 

World Pharmacists Day is an occasion to be celebrated every year with various festivities and events which take place. This year, the theme for the occasion of World Pharmacist Day has been decided to be “Pharmacy strengthening health systems.” 

World Pharmacists Day: History

In the 2009 International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, the notion of a global pharmacist day was initiated. The FIP Council was made up of pharmacy leaders from throughout the world and endorsed World Pharmacists Day on 25 September. 

Due to this landmark decision, the pharmaceutical profession was given a forum to recognize all the pharmacists out there globally.  Ever since then, all the festivities have taken place on this day. This day highlights a pharmacy subject each year to increase awareness of the profession’s vital role in healthcare and address global health issues.

Here is a tweet by the governing body which they put out on this day:

How to Celebrate World Pharmacists Day

If you are planning to celebrate World Pharmacists Day and honour all the hard-working people, then here’s how you can do so.

  • To express gratitude, one can put out posters thanking all the pharmacists.
  • Make cards for the pharmacists and distribute them.
  • Thank them by saying and appreciating their work.
  • If possible, spend a day in the pharmacy, help them is possible.


Why is there a celebration called World Pharmacist Day?

World Pharmacists Day (25 September) marks the anniversary of the inception of FIP in 1912 which was eventually adopted by the FIP Council in 2009.

Who is considered as the father of pharmacy?

Professor William Procter is known as the father of pharmacy. 

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