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World Stroke Day 2023 Theme

Stroke, a public health concern is a serious illness. Out of 8 billion people in the world, around 620 million are suffering from cardiac and circulatory disorders. These numbers make it important to raise awareness about the preventive measures of stroke. Every year, the entire World celebrates World Stroke Day. This day was initiated by the World Stroke Organization in 2004. The Organization together with other institutions, and healthcare organizations celebrates this day with a specific theme. If you want to know more about the World Stroke Day 2023 theme, then keep reading this article!

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World Stroke Day 2023 Theme: Together We Can Be #GreaterThan Stroke

World Stroke Day 2023 Theme
Source: World Stroke Organization

The theme for this year’s World Stroke Day is “Together We Can Be #GreaterThan Stroke”. 

This theme implies the fact that Stroke is no bigger than our efforts to prevent it and reduce the mortality rate due to stroke. World Stroke Day is a dedicated day to spread awareness and educate people about the symptoms and preventive measures of stroke. 90% of the stroke are affiliated with the risk factors. Those risk factors could be controlled at an individual level or through medical help.


WSO has also invented a quick test to detect the early symptoms of Stroke. The test name is the FAST test. 

FAST stands for:

  • Face drooping
  • Arm weakness
  • Speech difficulty
  • Time to call 911

Spot, Prevent, and Treat Stroke is the motto of the World Stroke Organization.

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Previous Year World Stroke Day Theme

Mentioned below are the previous year’s themes of WSD:

2022Save #Precioustime
2021Up Again After Stroke
2020Join the Movement
2019Don’t be the one
2018Up Again after Stroke
2017What’s your reason for preventing stroke?
2016Face the Facts: Stroke is Treatable 

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What is the theme of World Stroke Day 2023?

The World Stroke Day 2023 theme is Together We Can Be #Greater Than Stroke.

Why is Stroke Day Celebrated?

Stroke Day is celebrated worldwide to register the seriousness of the condition raise awareness about preventive measures and support stroke survivors.

When is World Stroke Day?

World Stroke Day is celebrated on 29 October every year. This is an initiative by the World Stroke Organization, to spot, prevent, and treat stroke.

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