National Endangered Species Day 2024- History and Significance

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National Endangered Species Day

Every year the world celebrates National Endangered Species Day on May 19. The day aims to raise awareness about the importance of protecting endangered species on our planet and conserving their natural habitats. This day is celebrated annually on the third Friday in May. it also provides an opportunity for governments, organizations, and individuals to come together and acknowledge the need to take effective steps towards restoring the balance of biodiversity. Let’s explore the history, theme, and significance of National Endangered Species Day.

Name of the dayNational Endangered Species Day
Observed onMay 19
Reason To raise awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting endangered animals and their habitats.
Theme Not released yet

History of National Endangered Species Day

The Endangered Species Act was passed in the US in 1973, which is when Endangered Species Day first appeared. The need for wildlife protection is growing as more and more species are in danger of going extinct. On World Endangered Species Day, the cause of animal conservation is promoted by increasing public awareness of it.

  • In 2006, Author David Robinson created World Endangered Species Day.
  • In the same year, a day was set aside to promote awareness of endangered species and their conservation on the third Friday in May.
  • Since then, people all across the world have celebrated World Endangered Species Day.
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Timeline of Events

  • Bye, Bye Dodo (1662) – The Dodo bird goes extinct.
  • Birdie Haven (1903) – President Theodore Roosevelt establishes the first National Wildlife Refuge on Pelican Island, Florida, to protect several bird species.
  • The Passenger Pigeon Becomes Extinct (1914) – The passenger pigeon, formerly the most common bird in North America, has become extinct.
  • Climate Crisis (2008) – Polar bears are endangered because their Arctic habitat is being depleted.

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National Endangered Species Day Theme 2024

National Endangered Species Day has a different topic each year. The topic is encouraging the conservation of the environment and wildlife. The theme for 2024 has not been released by the official sources yet. In 2023, the theme was, “Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Endangered Species Act!”.

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What is the Significance of National Endangered Species Day?

Endangered Species Day is important because it spreads knowledge about the creatures and plants that are in danger of going extinct. 41,000 species are threatened worldwide as estimated by The International Union for Conservation of Nature. Here are a few justifications for the significance of World Endangered Species Day.

  • The need to protect endangered species is emphasised on this day.
  • You may use Endangered Species Day to compel world leaders to safeguard endangered species.
  • This day increases public awareness of how human behaviour affects already endangered species.
  • Many plant and animal species are threatened with extinction due to human or natural causes. This day spreads awareness of the value of these species and encourages world leaders to take action.
  • With global warming rising every day, an increasing number of species are facing extinction. Initiatives such as National Endangered Species Day help in motivating individuals to take action in the face of this issue. 

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How to Celebrate National Endangered Species Day?

Here are a few ideas for celebrating World Endangered Species Day:

  • Convey the importance of protecting endangered species.
  • Donate to organisations that fight to save creatures on the verge of extinction.
  • Volunteer your time with these organisations.
  • People attend conferences and seminars on World Endangered Species Day in order to learn more.

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5 Endangered Species of India

Here are the top five endangered species in India, one of the world’s most populous countries. As a result of continued urbanisation and deforestation:

  • Bengal Tiger – There are currently less than 2,000 Bengal tigers left in the wild, and they only occupy 7% of their historical ecological habitat.
  • Snow Leopard – The Snow Leopard is exclusively found in the Indian states of Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and the western and eastern Himalayas, where it has a population of only 500.
  • Asiatic Lion – The Gir National Park and its surroundings in Gujarat are the only places where this species’ whole population may be found. Only 500-650 Asiatic lions remain in the country.
  • One-Horned Rhinoceros – For decades, one-horned rhinoceroses have been slaughtered as agricultural pests and heavily pursued their horns, which are claimed to have medicinal properties.
  • Blackbuck-  In 1947, there were around 80,000 Blackbucks. In comparison, in less than 20 years, that figure had dropped to 8,000.

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Some Quotes on National Endangered Species Day

We share some positive views on certain days to raise awareness and support. Some of the most inspiring statements for National Endangered Species Day 2024 are provided here. 

We don’t own the planet Earth, we belong to it. And we must share it with our wildlife. – Steve Irwin

Endangered species are our friends – Yao Ming

We all have a responsibility to protect endangered species, both for their sake and for the sake of our own future generations – Loretta Lynch

The rapid loss of biodiversity that we are witnessing is about much more than nature. The collapse of ecosystems will threaten the well-being and livelihoods of everyone on the planet. – Linda Krueger

So, now is the moment to be vigilant, and we should all work together to promote public awareness about the value of wildlife, endangered species, biodiversity, and conservation. What factors contribute to the extinction of endangered species? What is causing this? This is critical to comprehend.

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1. Why is National Endangered Species Day celebrated?

This day was designed to raise awareness of how vulnerable some animals, plants, and insects’ existence is – and, more importantly, to remind people to take the time to learn about why it’s so crucial to safeguard endangered species from further harm.

2. Who started National Endangered Species Day?

In 2006, writer David Robinson established World Endangered Species Day. The third Friday in May was designated as a day to raise awareness about endangered species and their conservation in 2006. Every year since then, World Endangered Species Day has been observed all around the world.

3. Why are some animals called endangered?

When there are so few of its type remaining that it is at risk of being extinct — disappearing from the earth forever — an animal is considered endangered.

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