Guru Gobind Singh Ji: Last Sikh Guru, His Life & Teachings

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guru gobind singh ji

Guru Gobind Singh Ji is known to be the last Sikh Guru among the 10 personal Gurus from the Sikh community who served his term from 1675- 1708. He was born in 1666 in Patna, Bihar and died on 7 October 1708 in Maharashtra. Guru Gobind Singh is known chiefly for the creation of the Khalsa (Punjab). For all those who don’t know, he was the son of the ninth guru, Tegh Bahadur who died at the hands of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.

Guru Gobind Singh is regarded as a man of great intellectual attainments. He was familiar with several cultures, which include Arabic, Sanskrit, and Persian of course Punjab. Guru Gobind Singh believed that occasionally, the powers of good and evil in the world sometimes fall out of balance. This is when Akal Purakh intervenes in human history to restore the balance. If you wish to know more about Guru Gobind Singh Ji, his teachings and what he preached then continue reading!

Guru Gobind Singh Ji Life History

Guru Gobind Singh who was previously known by the name, Guru Gobind Rai was born in 1666 in Patna and went on to live for 42 years. Going by his teachings, he did not support any form of discrimination, believed in the power of love and the list goes on. He was the last of all the Sikh Gurus. The Sikh community only worship Guru Granth Sahib, which is a religious scripture of the Sikh community.

Finally, Guru Gobind Singh handed the Siri Guru Granth Sahib the guruship at the end of his life, in 1708. The Sikhs’ era of bodily gurus came to an end as a result.

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Source: Hindustan Times

Guru Gobind Singh Ji Life Teachings

The most influential and inspiring figure in Indian history and culture was Guru Gobind Singh, a saint, warrior, poet, scholar, philosopher, and guru. Here are the top 5 teachings which he preached during his term.

Source: SikhNet

Serve Humanity

Guru Gobind Singh during his term preached that there is no religion important than humanity. Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed greatly for the benefit of humanity and committed his life to ensuring the welfare of his people. He even went on to say that one should pick up the sword if necessary.

Power of Love

For this, Guru Gobind Singh Ji said that something so simple can become precious or something ordinary can become remarkable with the help of love.

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Be Mindful of Your Speech

he believed that words have the ability to either transform a life or leave a wound that will never fully heal. When speaking to others, Guru Gobind Singh’s followers were encouraged to be mindful of their actions. Additionally, he never encouraged insults, swearing, slander, gossip, and being unpleasant to others.

Be an Ideal Human Being

Guru Gobind Singh’s 52 hukams (or directions) inspire the typical housewife to lead a decent and moral life.

Everyone is Equal

Guru Gobind Singh Ji supported equality, justice, fairness, and freedom for all people, regardless of their caste, colour, religion, or creed. He had the greatest respect for all religions.

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Here are some unknown facts about Guru Gobind Singh which might interest you.

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What Was the Ideology of Guru Gobind Singh Ji?

Guru Gobind Singh emphasised on human unity, condemned all forms of prejudice, and advocated for fairness and goodwill. Guru Gobind Singh significantly contributed to India’s literary heritage as a prolific author and poet.

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Was Guru Gobind Singh a Hindu?

Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Sikh guru, and Mata Gujri had only one son, Gobind Singh. He was a member of the Punjabi Khatri Sodhi tribe from birth.

What is Guru Gobind Singh famous for?

Guru Gobind Singh is known for the creation of the Khalsa (Punjab) which is considered as the military brotherhood of the Sikhs.

What is the caste of Sodhi?

Sodhi are considered to be landlord people from Khatri or Kshatriyas clan from the Punjab region. 

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