9+ Easy DIY Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2023 – Try Now!

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Best Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2023

Diwali is the festival of light celebrated all over the country and even outside. According to Hindus, this festival is celebrated to honour Lord Rama, who was deprived of his kingdom and sent into exile for 14 years. On this day, people celebrate the return of Rama and also the defeat of the evil spirit of Ravana. This year, Diwali will be celebrated on 12 November. With only a month to go, it is time we start with the preparations. During Diwali, we also prepare a Rangoli in our homes. These rangolis are made with different colours and are of various designs. Here are some of the best rangoli designs for Diwali!

What is a Rangoli?

Rangoli is a type of Indian art in which designs are made on the floor or a tabletop using items like red ochre, flower petals, colourful rocks, coloured sand, dry rice flour, powdered limestone, and powdered limestone.

A rangoli is made in several festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Onam, Pongal and other festivals.

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Importance of Rangoli During Diwali

The rangoli is made to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of riches and luck, and it symbolises the joy, optimism, and vibrancy of a home. A Hindu home without a tidy entrance and rangoli is thought to be the home of daridra (bad luck).

On Diwali, the rangoli represents the welcome of the goddess Lakshmi. Making a rangoli at the front door of the house is thought to welcome good energy and fight off bad energy. In an effort to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, the border of the rangoli also features a lotus pattern

Different Types of Rangoli Designs for Diwali

You can make Rangoli using various designs be it the idols of God, flowers and leaves, diyas, etc. Rangoli adds colour and beauty to the place. It gives a traditional hint to the house and the place looks extremely decorated.

Here are some of the types of rangolis which will give you all a fair idea about how to create one:

  1. Diya Design Rangoli: On the occasion of Diwali the entire house is decorated with diyas and candles which signifies brightness in life. Likewise, you can make a diya rangoli design for Diwali with bright colours and decorate it with flower designs at the sides, and light some diyas to finish the theme.
Diya Design Rangoli
Source: Styles at Life

2. Flower Design Rangoli: Flowers can also be used to make rangoli designs on Diwali. Flowers together with some wax diyas will add fragrance and colours to the place. It will provide a more traditional look and create a pure vibe all around.

Flower design Rangoli for Diwali
Source: LatestLY

3. Floral Rangoli Design: You can make flowers with the help of colours. Firstly draw the flower with the help of chalk, and then, add colours to the rangoli to complete it. Add some diyas at the spare space to light up the rangoli design.

Floral Rangoli Design
Source: Pinterest

4. Peacock Rangoli Design: This is the most famous rangoli design drawn at Diwali and other major festivals in India. Peacock is the national bird of the Nation and it signifies beauty. So you can design different types of peacock rangoli for the beauty of the house.

Peacock Rangoli Design
Source: myMandap

5. Lord Ganesha Rangoli Design: Lord Ganesha is worshipped on the auspicious day of Diwali. So, on this festival of light, you can design a rangoli of Lord Ganesha with some unique colour theme as shown in the pictures.

Best rangoli designs for Diwali
Source: Quora

6. Geometric Pattern Rangoli Design: Confused about what to design? Then just go for a geometric pattern rangoli design. Use a quirky pattern and add multiple colours to the rangoli to make it attractive and beautiful. You can never go wrong with the geometric pattern rangoli designs.

Geometric pattern rangoli design
Source: Gharpedia

7. Laxmi Rangoli Design: Goddess Laxmi is worshipped on Diwali. We all welcome her at our place on the Festival of lights. This day is celebrated to seek blessings in the form of wealth, good health, and prosperity from Goddess Laxmi. So, you can draw the idol of Laxmi Mata for the angoli design.

Laxmi Rangoli design
Source: Pinterest

8. Kalash in Rangoli design for Diwali: Designing the Charan Paduka and Kalash for the rangoli is considered very lucky for the house. It represents the entry of Goddess Laxmi and wealth at your place. The Charan Paduka of Laxmi Mata is also worshipped on Diwali.

Source: Dynamite News

If you planning to create a rangoli then here is a video which will help you with the same:

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What is a rangoli?

Rangoli is an art of decoration drawn on the floor or the entrances of homes.

How is rangoli made?

Rangoli is made using materials like rice powder, brick powder, chalk powder, flower petals and coloured sand.

What are the type of rangoli for Diwali?

Some of the patterns for rangoli designs at Diwali are geometric patterns, Lord Gnesha, peacock designs, flower designs, diya designs, and many more. People use vibrant colours to make rangoli designs and add beauty to their place.

How to put rangoli easily?

The easiest way to draw a rangoli design is to make the outline of the design with chalk and then fill vibrant rangoli colours to it.

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