DIY Ideas for Holi: The Festival of Colors

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DIY ideas for holi

The festival of colours, Holi, is upon us. As far as preparation for the day goes, people seek decorative ideas to make their homes look lively and colourful. One of the ways to approach authentic decoration is through DIY ideas. With affordable and self-directed DIY ideas, people are further able to celebrate Holi with love and joy! It not only enhances the aura and overall look of your abode but also indicates aesthetics that showcase welcoming gestures. Looking to find and follow DIY ideas for the festival of colours? Look no further! Get to know about DIY ideas for Holi here! 

Painting Flower Pots and Walls 

DIY ideas for Holi

One of the easiest and most joyous DIY ideas for Holi is going for paint! No, we don’t mean playing with it, but rather using it on flower pots and walls. This brings a beautiful look to the overall exterior design of your home. Take reference from geometric patterns or traditional Holi-themed designs and use the same on plain terracotta flower pots. Place these pots on the boundaries of your house with flowers or plants kept inside them! What a pleasing and vibrant look this offers! 

Decorating Candles with Holi-Themed Patterns 

Candles enhance the look of any kind of surroundings they are placed in! So why not make the candles themselves look brilliant? Paint can be used in this DIY idea for Holi as well, or you can simply choose coloured markers to decorate the variety of candles and place them safely all around your home! You can also go for coloured candles, to begin with, but since white acts as the perfect background for any kind of design, plain candles work best! Unveil your creativity through the glow of Holi candles! 

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Arranging Holi Wreaths

A general wreath is a decorative element that arranges flowers on a circular base. What we mean by a Holi wreath is to follow the same approach but rather than using a simple assortment, using Holi-themed colours to make the wreaths is a better and more distinct idea to add that festival touch on any specific corner or, the entrance of your house. 

Additionally, you can also include your own personal touch to the decoration with glitters and/or artificial ornaments. Placing decorative chart paper designs on and around the Holi wreaths is another great way to complement this DIY idea for Holi.

Putting Up Colourful Lights 

Lights are often associated with the festival of Diwali. But who said the festival of lights’ decorative mediums can’t be used for the festival of colours? Multi-colour lights can be placed on the walls or on an exterior Holi setup, with colourful hanging lamps and lanterns put for adorning the entire festive surroundings! The latter can enhance the visibility of your home, while the former can add that liven the atmosphere of Holi. If you choose this DIY idea for Holi, we recommend you go for netted, ornamental, or pendant lanterns. This is because of their incandescent glow and long-term survival that can act as a good investment for other occasions as well.  

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Creating Vibrant Rangolis 

Rangoli for Holi

From rangoli-making competitions in school to being involved in decorating the entrance of your home with rangoli on Diwali and/or a cousin’s marriage reception, the idea of Rangoli doesn’t have an expiration date. A traditional decoration element, rangoli adds vibrancy, colour and beauty to your home. Stock up with a range of colours, flowers, and all the other ingredients that you need to make the perfect rangoli, along with dry gulal that can help your rangoli last longer for the entire duration of the festival of colours. 


Q. What activities can be done on Holi?

A. On Holi, one can get a traditional mehndi tattoo, enjoy Indian sweets, put colourful decorations all over your home, and more!

Q. What games can we play on Holi?

A. One can play games like Bucket Blast, Lucky Water Balloon Game, and Bubble Play on Holi. 

Q. How do people decorate for Holi?

A. People can decorate for Holi with DIY ideas such as Holi wreaths, vibrant Holis, painted follower pots, and more! 

So which DIY idea for Holi do you plan to choose from? Or is it all of them? We wish you a safe and joyous Holi! Stay tuned to Wings by Leverage Edu for more such blogs! 

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