Photography in the Colours of Holi: Photography Tips and Tricks for The Festival of Colours

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Holi Photography Tips

Holi is a canvas that is filled with colours and needs to be captured with an innocent lens. Collect memories of this riot of colours and a buffet of delicacies with some photography tips and tricks for Holi. Dance to the beats of drums and spread gulaal to infuse joy and positivity in the spring season. This Holi indulges in gulab jamuns, malpuas, thandai, dahi bhalle, and gujiya and paints your friends and family with eco-friendly colours and create great memories. All these need to be stored in your Holi photography album. With the constant evolution of this traditional public celebration the art of photography has also transformed tremendously. 

Do you want to curate an aesthetically pleasing and creative Holi album for yourself? Here are some tips and tricks to seize the festival of colour.

holi photography
May your life be as colourful and joyful as the festival of Holi.
holi photography
Let the colours of Holi spread the message of peace and happiness in your life

Find a Good Vantage Point

It is very important to find a top angle for capturing the essence of the festival. To shoot every aspect of the merriment, try to take photographs at nearly 45 degrees from a point of elevation. Create a larger frame and use this frame to capture everyone and everything. To ensure that you get the right frame and angle, scout the location of the Holi party and arrive before everyone. Start taking magical shots of the decor and elements of the festivity and take a lot of quality and capture-worthy pictures of people.  

Increase the Shutter Speed

Everybody’s energy is heightened on Holi, so there is a lot of action around you. Owing to this reason, it is important to use a fast shutter as it enables the photographer to arrest the gulaal amidst the quickly altering frame. It is usually advised to place the shutter speed somewhere between 1/5000 to 1/1000 to ameliorate the level of Holi photography.

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Make Use of a Versatile Lens

It becomes impossible to change the lens during any Holi gathering due to the presence of colours in the air. To avoid any damage to the camera, the use of a 24-150 mm lens is recommended for people trying to freeze beautiful moments of the festivities. This lens enables you to shoot excellent group pictures and close-ups without exposing the camera to powder in the air. 

Capture Portraits

Whether you are shooting from a DSLR or a smartphone, it is suggested to take photos in portrait mode. To freeze portraits, use a dual-camera setup in smartphones as this technology imitates the depth-of-field effect of a DSLR, owing to which you get the subject in focus with blurred background. This feature is available in smartphones of Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Redme, and Motorolla. 

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Candid Shots

The essence of any public celebration or community festivities is innocence. Arrest the candidness of the environment by taking multiple shots of a moment. Place your camera/smartphone with ease and focus on the vibe of the moment and click the candid shot. This part of Holi photography represents the ethos of the festival of colours which is freedom, love, and hope. 

Visit Different Locations

To create a diverse Holi album, visit different locations in your city. To add flavour to your portfolio, shoot multiple ways of Holi celebration by various sections of society. Capture the cultural ethos of people from different social strata to diversify your collection. 

Gear Protection

If you have been a part of Holi events you are aware of the chaos and dust in the air. Taking a camera/smartphone amidst a carefree crowd with powder in the air is a risky affair. So before going on a Holi photography spree, gather a plastic cover and wrap your gear using a sellotape. This will prevent the dust to enter your lens and spoil it. Be prepared to dance to the spirit of collectiveness in the spring.

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Hope that these tips and tricks will be helpful in encapsulating the festival of colour. Make and snap memories of a lifetime with the people you love and adore. Happy Holi!!!


Q.1. How to take good Holi pics?

Ans: In order to take perfect Holi shots, use a 24-150 mm lens at around a 45-degree angle if you are using a camera. Take good areal shots to get frame-worthy photographs. Take as many candid shots as you can. Use portrait mode to capture colours, people, and joy. Use these tips to take good pics on smartphones as well. Whatever device you are using, ensure that your gear is protected as it would be a mood spoiler if the gear is spoiled while freezing festivities

Q.2. Which lens to use for Holi photography?

Ans: It is advisable to use a 24-150 mm lens as it enables you to shoot excellent group pictures and close-ups without exposing the camera to powder in the air.

Q.3. What colour is best for Holi?

Ans: Eco-friendly gulaal are considered best for Holi as they are skin friendly and do not require water.

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