Worksheets and Ideas for English Holiday Homework Class 1 

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English Holiday Homework Class 1

Holiday homework is a great way to ensure that kids remain in touch with their studies. It is another chance to improve their studies. Hence, in this blog, we are providing you with Worksheets and Ideas for English Holiday Homework Class 1. These will encourage kids to learn while still enjoying their vacations. If you want to learn more about them, keep reading this blog! 

English Holiday Homework Class 1: Worksheet 

1. Articles (a/an/the): 

a. The cat likes to play with _____ ball of yarn.
b. We went to _____ park yesterday.
c. I saw _____ orange bird in the tree. 
2. Colors: 

a. The sky is _____. 
b. My favourite colour is _____. 
c. The apple is _____. 

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3. Numbers (1 & 2): 

a. I have _____ dog.
b. We have _____ cats.
c. There are _____ birds in the nest. 
4. Singular & Plural Nouns: 

a. The _____ likes to meow.
b. The _____ are playing outside.
c. I see a_____. (I see many_____.) 

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5. Prepositions (in, on): 

a. The book is _____ the table.
b. The ball is _____ the box.
c. The bird is _____ the tree.
6. Rearrange the Words to Form a Sentence: 

Green, are, trees. Chicken, dogs, eat My, I, grandmother, with, live 
7. Jumbled Words:

Rearrange the Letters to form Words R, T, O, B, O E, P, T, E, L, A, H, N T, E, R, I, G 

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English Holiday Homework Class 1: Ideas 

  1. Story Reading 
english holiday homework class 1

Read short stories 3 days a week or you can listen to audiobooks. 

  1. Rhymes 

Learn 3 rhymes during your holidays and sing them to your class teacher. 

  1. Family Fun 

Interview the members of your family and write down their favourite colours and hobbies. Create a scrapbook with their pictures and write 5 lines about each of them. 

  1. Wall Hanging of Words 

Create a wall hanging of different words like cat, dog, etc., and paste their pictures too. 

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Q.1. How to do holiday homework in a creative way?

Ans: You can implement many ways to do your holiday homework. You can also make it creative using decorative materials like glitter, paint, mirrors, etc. 

Q.2. How do I plan my holiday homework?

Ans: You can make a schedule and stick to it. Make sure to include proper time to study, play, and rest. 

Q.3. What are homework activities? 

Ans: Homework activities are tasks that are assigned to the students that they need to complete during the duration of their holidays. 

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