Gandhi Jayanti: 5 Engaging Activities for Kids

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Gandhi Jayanti Activities for Kids

We are all aware of the part that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi played in India’s struggle for independence. Because of his ideologies, he gained the moniker “Father of the Nation.” Many civil rights movements, both nationally and globally, were strengthened by his nonviolent method. Every year on October 2, people all across the world observe Gandhi Jayanti to recognize his contribution to India’s freedom. With fun activities, we can help our children understand the significance of this day and why we celebrate it. Check out some of the most fascinating but enjoyable Gandhi Jayanti activities for kids in the following segment.

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Why Do We Celebrate Gandhi Jayanti?

Every year on October 2nd, Gandhi Jayanti is observed to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, a significant figure in India’s battle for independence. His life and the nonviolence, truth, and civil disobedience values he upheld, which were essential to India’s freedom struggle, are commemorated on this day. It acts as a reminder of his ongoing legacy and motivates others to preserve these beliefs in their daily lives. Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday in India that is celebrated with a variety of activities that promote the values of peace and togetherness, such as prayer gatherings, cultural performances, and community service.

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Gandhi Jayanti Activities for Kids

Even now, Gandhi Ji’s philosophy and ideas serve as an inspiration for our age. His legacy is continued through imparting these lessons to our young people, who will become future leaders, by means of fun activities. Let’s look at some of the educational and enjoyable Gandhi Jayanti activities for children. 

Tell Your Children About “The Three Wise Monkeys”

The Three Wise Monkeys’ message is “See no evil, Do not hear bad, and do not speak evil”. They also guide us to be kind to others. It is a cultural emblem that has its roots in Japan. Gandhi received a little statue with three sage monkeys from a Japanese monk. It has now evolved into a symbolic representation of his message of tolerance and peace. Teach your children the value of it and how they might incorporate it into their lives. 

Gandhi Jayanti: The three wise monkeys

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Encourage Kids to Write a Speech

Ask your kids to discuss the lessons they have learned about Gandhi Ji so far. Illustrating the life of Mahatma Gandhi, his ideologies, ideas, liberation battles, travels, his involvement in numerous movements, the outcomes, his contributions, and everything in between. They will be inspired to research Gandhi Ji’s biography and draw lessons from his hardships even more effectively by writing a speech. 

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A Visit To a Museum

Visits to museums are among the finest methods for revisiting the past while introducing your kids to Mahatma Gandhi. In India, there are several Gandhi museums. If you live close to one, consider taking your kids there on Gandhi Jayanti. These museums feature Gandhi’s life’s work in addition to a wealth of historical relics and images. Encourage your kids to interact with the displays and ask questions while they are there. Talk about the spinning wheel and its significance. Taking children to museums occasionally is a fantastic technique to help children understand history better.

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Dressing Up Like Gandhi Ji

Role-playing is something that all kids love. Kids will have a lot of fun and learn a lot about Gandhi Ji’s modest lifestyle by staging a skit or role-play about his persona and life.. Gandhi’s simplicity was one of his most enduring personality traits. Give your kids a little makeover in honour of Gandhi Jayanti so they may become the Mahatma. Given that he used to wear a white dhoti and that not many people are familiar with how to wear one, it’s a terrific learning experience.

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Preparing a Collage of Gandhi Ji’s Journey

Encourage kids to research some of the well-known images and quotations from Gandhi Ji’s life. Ask them to make a collage out of his photos or to work on a creative art project like a photo album, a piece of wall art, or a quotation bookmark. Students will demonstrate their creative talents while also learning more about Gandhi by participating in such imaginative Gandhi Jayanti activities. 

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Children today are increasingly interested in exploring and learning about technology and current trends. They will get knowledge about Gandhi’s life and the struggles that people in general faced in the past in order to achieve freedom by participating in various Gandhi Jayanti activities. 


Ques: What activities can be done on Gandhi Jayanti?

Ans: Some of the activities that can be done on Gandhi Jayanti for kids are: 
Drawing Competition
Visiting an Ashram or a Museum

Ques: What is the best activity for the Kindergarten on Gandhi Jayanti?

Ans: The best activity and the way to reflect Gandhi Ji’s simple lifestyle is to dress up kids in Gandhi’s modest attire.

Ques: What are some of the popular movements of Gandhi Ji?

Ans: The three movements namely, the Non-Cooperation Movement, The Civil Disobedience Movement, and the Quit India Movement are the most popular freedom struggles led by Gandhi.

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