Today’s News in English: Check out the School Assembly News Headlines for 3 May 2024

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3 May School Assembly News Headlines

School Assembly News Headlines 3 May 2024: School Assembly News Headlines provide students with a comprehensive learning experience of news in English for May 3, 2024. The school assembly news headlines keep students informed about crucial national news headlines, international, and sports news in English. The school enriches students’ vocabulary twice by word of the day and usage examples. It commemorates a significant thought for the day, its meaning, and world important day, cultivating an appreciation for the past to empower well-rounded, informed global citizens.

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National News Headlines in English for 3 May 2024

Stay updated with national news headlines in English. Learn about various sectors’ happenings in our country:

1. Bomb Threat Hoaxes in Delhi-NCR:  Over 100 schools in Delhi-NCR received bomb threat hoaxes, prompting caution from Delhi Deputy Commissioner of Police Suman Nalwa to verify messages before forwarding. Investigations suggest a conspiracy, with the timing coinciding with elections and the use of Russian IP addresses.

2. Nominations Open for Padma Awards 2025: Nominations for Padma Awards 2025 are now open, with a deadline set for September 15, 2024. The awards, including Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan, and Padma Shri, aim to become more inclusive, transforming into “People’s Padma.”

3. Contractual Employees Terminated at DCW: Former DCW Chief and AAP Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal criticises the termination of 223 contractual employees of the commission, approved by Lt Governor VK Saxena. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court Registry declines to receive the central government’s application regarding the 2012 judgement on the 2G case.

4. DRDO Tests Next-Gen Torpedo System: The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) successfully tests a next-generation torpedo release system, known as the Supersonic Missile-Assisted Release of Torpedo (SMART). The system is designed to enhance the Navy’s anti-submarine warfare capabilities.

5. IMA Chief Stresses on Artificial Intelligence: Dr. R V Asokan, the IMA Chief, stresses the importance of AI assisting doctors rather than replacing them. He acknowledges the significant role of technology in medicine and emphasises the essential connection between patients and doctors. Additionally, he embraces AI’s support for medical professionals.

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International News in English for 3 May 2024

Explore global stories through international news in English. Discover updates from different countries:

1. Fed Reserve Keeps Interest Rates High: The Federal Reserve maintains high interest rates, citing persistent inflation. Chair Jerome Powell emphasises the lack of progress towards the 2% inflation target and indicates no plans to cut rates until there is greater confidence in slowing inflation.

2. US Job Openings Decline: Job openings in the US hit a three-year low in March, signalling a potential easing in labour demand. The decline, coupled with fewer people leaving their jobs, poses implications for the Federal Reserve’s inflation management strategy.

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Sports News in English for 3 May 2024

Get the latest sports news in English and follow your favourite sports events:

1. Mayank Yadav’s IPL Future Uncertain: Indian cricketer Mayank Yadav may miss the remainder of IPL 2024 due to an abdominal muscle tear. Despite being set to receive a pace-bowling contract from the BCCI, his injury sidelines him, casting uncertainty over his return for the playoffs.

2. Vaishali Ramesh Babu Becomes Grandmaster: Indian chess prodigy Vaishali Ramesh Babu achieves the title of Grandmaster, becoming the third Indian female Grandmaster after Koneru Humpy and Harika Dronavalli. She credits her parents’ support and expresses confidence in India’s performance at the upcoming World Championship.

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Thought for the Day for Students

Start your day with an inspirational thought for the day for students. Believe in yourself and prepare to face challenges:

School Assembly News Headlines

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Word of the Day 

Let us learn a new word of the day to improve your vocabulary and language skills:

Word MeaningSentence 
Idea (Noun)An idea is a thought or
I have an idea for our school project.
Imagine (Verb)To imagine is to form a
mental picture or scenario.
Close your eyes and imagine yourself flying through the clouds. 
Inspire (Verb)To inspire is to motivate
or encourage someone.
Her bravery inspired others to stand up for what they believe in.
Interest (Noun)Refers to the feeling of
wanting to know or learn
more about something.
His interest in science led him to conduct experiments at home.
Innovate (Verb)To introduce something new
or make changes to improve something.
The company aims to innovate its products to meet the changing needs of customers.

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World Important Day on 3 May 2024 

Understand the significance of World Important Days and learn how to make a difference:

1. Birth of Leonardo da Vinci (1469)

Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci was born, creating timeless masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, leaving a profound mark on art and science.

2. Incorporation of Washington, D.C. (1802)

Washington, D.C. was officially incorporated as a city, eventually becoming the capital of the United States, central to its government and international affairs.

3. Hindenburg Disaster (1937)

The airship Hindenburg tragically caught fire and was destroyed while attempting to land in New Jersey, USA, signalling the end of the passenger airship era.

4.  Implementation of Japan’s Constitution (1947)

Japan’s post-World War II constitution was implemented, ushering in democratic principles and a commitment to pacifism in the country’s governance.

5. Margaret Thatcher Becomes UK’s First Female Prime Minister (1979)

Margaret Thatcher made history as the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, shaping British politics significantly during her tenure.

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