Application for Maternity Leave: Format and Samples

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application for maternity leave

The time a woman officially takes off from work because she is expecting or has recently given birth to a child is known as maternity leave. Maternity leaves should be planned carefully so that the family and mother do not face any unforeseen financial problems and can spend most of their time with the newborn. Generally, maternity leave includes both maternity pay and maternity leave. The duration of maternity leave varies from organisation to organisation. Some of the examples given below might be helpful for you to apply for maternity leave, which is one of the many leave application for office, by requesting your manager.

Important Points to Include While Writing Application for Maternity Leave

There are various rules that the firm must abide by when a woman plans to take maternity leave. A responsible individual must make sure to effectively address that in that case.

Sender’s address: At the top of the page in the left-hand corner, begin your letter when requesting maternity leave by including your address. (If you’re sending by email, skip this step.)

Date: Include the date of your letter in any official letter with a tiny space after the recipient’s address.

Subject Line: Keep the subject line of an email brief and to the point; it is an essential part of your professional letter. “Maternity Leave Application/ Request,” for instance.

Internal address:

Inside Address: In a few lines below the above, including the company’s legal and accurate address. (If you’re sending by email, skip this.)

Salutation: It’s important to make sure that every professional correspondence is opened with the appropriate formal salutation. No matter how well you get along with your boss, you still need to address them correctly. For instance, Dear, (Name of Manager)

Opening Paragraph: The letter’s opening paragraph, also known as the body, is where you should explain its aim. letting people know how long you expect to be gone for your pregnancy. Do you want to accept the entire allowance or just a portion of it?

Body: Explain how you plan to complete your projects while you’re on leave of absence in this section of your letter.

Last Paragraph: In this paragraph, you can describe how you intend to return to work. You should also include contact information for when you will be on maternity leave.

Conclusion: It’s important to sign off on your employment and express gratitude to your employer for their patience with you during this crucial time in your life.

Your signature and name: Choose to sign your letter by hand if it is being delivered to your supervisor in printed form. Sent through email? Just include your name.

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Format of Writing Application for Maternity Leave

Here given is the format for writing an application for maternity leave:

Sender’s Name and Address 

Date (when applying for leave)


Receiver’s Name and Address

Subject: Request for Application for Maternity Leave 

Respected Sir/Madam,


Thanking you

Your’s Sincerely

Name and Signature of Sender

Samples of Application for Maternity Leave 

Check out these samples to write an application for Maternity Leave:

Sample 1

Dear XYZ,


Subject: Application for Maternity Leave

I’m writing to let you know that my due date for the baby, which my doctor has given as November 21st, is quickly approaching. He also counselled me to report to him as soon as possible. I want to let you know that I shall need to take time off from the office starting from November 16th for eight weeks. Also, I would want to let you know that I am currently covered by my entire maternity leave allowance.

In the event that I want to start working shortly or if I want to extend my leave, I will let you know. I kindly ask that you grant my request and let me know as soon as you can.

Yours Sincerely

Name & Signature 

Sample 2

Dear XYZ,

Job Designation


Subject: Application for Maternity Leave

I’ve been expecting for the past X months and am now applying for maternity leave in accordance with the doctor’s advice for the forthcoming ‘Number of weeks/months’ beginning on ‘Date’. Please grant my maternity leave for the aforementioned time frame in accordance with corporate policy, I request you. Hoping you will consider my request and grant me maternity leave for the time period mentioned above.

Sincere Regards

“Your Name”

Sample 3

Dear ABC,


Subject: Application for Maternity Leave

As you may be aware, I am coming to the office during my pregnancy time, and my due date is coming closer. My due date is (Mention date), and as advised by the doctor, I now wish to take advantage of my maternity leave for the future Number of weeks, beginning on the Date of starting.

The crucial chores can be completed by my colleague’s name while I’m away. He or she has received training from me on the daily tasks that must be accomplished. I appreciate you giving this issue your attention. I eagerly anticipate your favourable response.

Yours Sincerely

Name & Signature 

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Tips for Writing an Application for Maternity Leave

Below mentioned are the tips for writing a maternity leave:

  • Make use of formal and business terminology.
  • Review the maternity leave policies.
  • Describe the number of leave days to which you are entitled. The reason for the leave should be precise.
  • Indicate the day you will be leaving and returning to work. Apply early to minimise the inconvenience.
  • In the end, provide a signature.
  • Make a supporter known who will stand by you while you are not there.


Q1. How can I write a leave of maternity?

Hey [name of employer], I am writing to let you know that I am expecting a child. [Insert date] is the week when I’m supposed to give birth. On [insert date you’d like to begin your maternity leave], that is when I would like to begin.

Q2. When you can start your maternity leave? 

From 11 weeks before your due date, you can begin your maternity leave on any day.

Q3. Are we paid our full wage while on maternity leave?

Every woman shall be entitled to, and her employer shall be responsible for, the payment of maternity benefit at the rate of the average daily wage for the period of her actual absence beginning on the day before and continuing through the day of her delivery, as well as for the six weeks following that day, subject to the provisions of this Act.

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