11 Craft Summer Camp Activities for Students

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Craft Summer Camp Activities for Students

Summer camp provides students with the refreshment of the season along with a lot of fun. Many schools host summer camps, and in that, they make students do many craft summer camp activities. In this blog, we have made a list of 11 craft summer camp activities for students that are great fun. To learn more about these activities, keep exploring this blog! 

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Art Activities for Summer Camp 

Below we have mentioned 11 art activities for summer camp: 

  1. Tie Dye 

In this fun activity, students have to take a shirt, fold and tie it in various ways, and then apply dye to it, thus creating vibrant patterns on it. 

Craft Summer Camp Activities: Tie Dye
  1. Leaf Painting 

Students will be provided with leaves by the teacher, and using colours, they have to paint the leaves in creative and colourful ways. 

  1. Ladybird Rock painting 

In this art activity, students will be provided with a rock which they have to transform into a ladybird using paint. 

Craft Summer Camp Activities
  1. Mosaic Art 

Mosaic art can be created using various bits of colourful paper from magazines and newspapers. Great art pieces can be created using the same. 

Craft Summer Camp Activities

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  1. Paper Fish 

In this craft activity, students can be asked to create fish. In this activity, students are free to create whimsical fish using their creativity and paint. 

  1. Stone Jewellery Making 

This activity is a great way to make students bond with each other using crafts. Students can be asked to create jewellery for each other to be given as a gift using stones and strings. 

  1. Recycle Art 

Many different materials, like plastic bottles, old newspapers, shopping bags, etc., can be used to create sculptures and other art pieces, thus creating recycled art. 

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  1. Tissue Paper Flowers 

Students can create a lot of different lifelike flowers using tissue paper and pipe cleaners and then paint them using acrylic paint. It is a great craft activity. 

  1. Button Art 

Students can use buttons to create artistic pieces. This can be done by glueing buttons of different colours and shapes to a canvas or paper to create a painting-like art piece. 

Craft Summer Camp Activities: Button Art

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  1. Popsicle Stick Frame 

One of the most fun summer camp activities is creating a popsicle stick frame. Students can be provided with popsicle sticks that they can glue together to create a photo frame. 

  1. Yarn Art 

Using the yarn and glue, students can create great art on paper or canvas. All they need are different colours of yarn. 


Q.1. What activities can be done in summer camp? 

Ans: There are a lot of activities that can be done in the summer. Some of them are mentioned below: 

-Arts and crafts 
-Water games 
-Scavenger hunt 

Q.2. What is done in a summer camp? 

Ans: In summer camp, various indoor and outdoor activities are done.

Q.3. What is the best activity in the summer? 

Ans: Water games like swimming, water balloon fights, etc. are some of the best summer activities. 

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