Write a Letter to Your Cousin to Spend Summer Vacation Together 

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Letter to Your Cousin to Spend Summer Vacation Together

The month of June is approaching and you are all packed for your summer vacation. But to add some excitement, you are planning to invite your cousin to spend summer vacation together. Today, we will discuss some sample letters to your cousin to spend a summer vacation together. These sample letters are for students looking for academic letter-writing topics and will also guide them to communicate effectively.

Sample 1: Letter to Your Cousin to Spend Summer Vacation Together 

25-B,3rd Floor,
Friends Colony, 
Laxmi Nagar,
Delhi – 110092

5th May, 2023

Dear Nikhil, 

I hope that this letter finds you and your family in great health. I am good too. Now that summer vacation is around the corner, I finally have time to do my favourite things, play sports and go for outings. 

This summer vacation, I want you to come to my house for at least a week to stay with me. We will have lots of fun. First, we will order food from my favourite restaurant and you will know why I talk about it so much. After that, we can go exploring different markets and go on a shopping spree. There is an amusement park near my house, we will definitely go there and enjoy it.

The main attraction of that is Go-Karting. So, we will go there as well. And my mother will make us the best dinner because she is a great cook. There are many other things that we can do in my society to make this summer a blast. 

I am looking forward to your reply. Hope that you can come to stay at my house. Till then, take care of yourself. 

Your Dear cousin, 

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Sample 2: Letter to Your Cousin to Spend Summer Vacation Together 

Letter to Your Cousin to Spend Summer Vacation with you

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Letter Writing Tips for School Students

When writing academic letters, students must understand the format required, the appropriate tone and their audience. Every academic letter has a subject and a recipient, to which you are writing the letter. Here are some great tips to help you master the art of letter writing.

  • Understand the Purpose: Identify the goal, such as requesting or asking for something.
  • Know Your Audience: Academic letters are mostly addressed to teachers, editors, friends, and family. You are required to adjust your letter’s tone based on the person you are writing to.
  • Use the Right Format: Use a formal letter format if you are writing to a person in authority, like your teacher, principal, or editor. Use an informal letter format if you are writing a letter to your friend or family member.
  • Structure of the Letter: Your letter must be divided into three parts: Introduction, Body and Conclusion. The introduction will include the purpose of your letter. The body will include all the necessary information. The conclusion will recap your main points.
  • Proofread and Edit: This is the last step in letter writing. Before submitting your letter, make sure to proofread your letter and make all the necessary corrections.

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Q.1: How do I write a letter to my cousin in summer vacation? 

Ans: For the body of the letter, invite them to your house for the vacation and mention what you plan on doing during their stay. Conclude on a polite note. 

Q.2: How do I write a letter to a cousin? 

Ans: You start the letter with a polite salutation, then using a polite tone in the letter, cover the entire purpose of the letter. Then conclude the letter with a “take care”, etc. 

Q.3: How can I spend time with my cousin? 

Ans: Either of you can visit the other one’s house, play video games, or any outdoor games, you can go shopping together or have a cup of tea together, etc. 

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