Half-Day Application: Format and Samples

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Half Day Application

Taking a leave due to unavoidable circumstances from work is very common. There are many reasons to leave work a few hours early or to come to the office later than usual. It is always a good idea to inform the seniors or the reporting manager in advance in order to build trust and professionalism. Even if you have been informed verbally, writing a professional leave application is a must for the purpose of record. To learn how to write a half-day application, keep reading.

Half-Day Application Guidance 

To write a half-day application with no mistakes, here are some of the factors that you must read; 

  • First, you must write an application mentioning the reason for your leave; it not only helps in understanding your situation. 
  • It is always helpful to mention who will undertake your responsibilities when unavailable. 
  • It’s crucial to submit a half-day application to let your employer or team leader know you’ll be absent, even for a short time. This enables your manager to delegate your tasks to someone else or extend your work deadline. 
  • Half-day application helps regulate the monthly payments so that you can also record any deductions in your salary. 

General Letter Format

Here’s a general format for writing a formal letter for any professional purposes.

Sender’s Address


Name / Designation of Addressee

Address of the Addressee



Body [Introduction, Content, Conclusion] 

Complimentary Closing Line

Signature / Name of the Sender

Designation of the Sender 

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Half-Day Application Format 

Now let’s talk about the structure one can follow to write a perfect half-day application, you must first look at the format of this application. 

Letter Format 

Receiver’s Name & Address: You must mention the name and address of the person concerned.

Subject- Half-Day Leave Application (you may include other relevant details)


Body: Mention the reason for taking a leave from work, duration of absence, name of the colleague who will undertake your responsibilities, and communication mode or availability. 

Thank you note

Complimentary Closing


Job Position 


Email Format 

Subject- Half-Day Leave Application ( you may include other relevant details)


Body: Mention the reason for taking a leave from work, duration of absence, name of the colleague who will undertake your responsibilities, and communication mode or availability. 

Thank you note

Complimentary Closing

Full Name 

Half-Day Application Samples 

Here are some samples to help you in writing a perfect Half-day application. 


The HR Manager

Xyz. Pvt. Ltd

Mumbai, India

Subject: Half-Day Application

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I would be taking a half day’s leave today as I have to take my son to the hospital for routine vaccination. Since no one is there to take up this responsibility today evening, I am bound to take a half-day leave for this personal commitment. I understand the professional responsibilities so would like to inform you that I will be available over calls/emails in case of any urgent matter. During my absence, _________ will be taking care of my duties and responsibilities for the work that has been allocated to me.

Yours Truly,

(Your Name)


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Tips for Writing Perfect Half-Day Application 

        Here are some of the tips for writing a perfect half-day application. 

  • You must be specific and ensure that your email is not too long, as long emails often lose their effectiveness. Thus it is highly advised to write to the point mail stating all the points relevant to the Half-day application. 
  • Most people skip writing the subject line but don’t be a part of this mistake as a good subject line ensures that the reader knows about the application’s content. 
  • It would help if you mentioned your availability and how to cope with important emails. 
  • You must also ensure that you are beginning and ending your emails appropriately, as it emphasizes the reader more. 
  • Often skipped the part about the application is that people commit various errors in the mail such as punctuation, wrong spelling, and much more. Thus to prevent these mistakes and the effectiveness of your emails, you must always proofread your emails. 


Q.1. How do I ask for a half-day of leave?

Ans: Write an email to the manager to request [date’s] half-day leave to attend a personal event. Mention that you have made arrangements for the work to be covered during your absence. Make sure to mention the reason clearly and highlight the urgency. 

Q.2. How do I ask for half day’s leave for personal reasons?

Ans: A half-day leave can be requested for personal reasons such as illness, injury, or the illness injury of a child or other member of the family. You might find it difficult to focus on your work and your productivity may suffer if you, your child, or a family member is ill or in pain

Q.3. How do I write a mail for leave for personal reasons?

Ans: Your letter should contain the following information if you’re asking for a formal leave of absence:
-Make a leave of absence request.
-The days you anticipate being off work.
-The day you intend to start working again.
-An urge to help, if it’s possible.
-Thank you for giving thought to the request.

Hope this article has given a clear picture and understanding of writing a half-day leave application. Follow Leverage Edu for more interesting and informative articles.

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