Write a Letter to Your Friend About Your Trip to Goa: Samples & Format 

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Letter To Your Friend About Your Trip To Goa

Writing a letter to your friend is one of the most popular academic activities. Academic letters allow students to showcase their creative thinking and writing skills on a given topic. On this page, we will be providing you with some samples on how to write a letter to your friend about your trip to Goa. Let’s get started!

Sample 1: Letter To Your Friend About Your Trip To Goa

Sunbeam Heights
Andheri West

25th April 2024

Dear Kalpesh,
I hope this letter finds you in good health. We haven’t seen each other in a while! However, I would like to share about my exciting trip to Goa last week. You have always told me to visit that scenic place, and this time I got the opportunity to experience the beauty of that place. 

My family and I started our journey last Monday. It was a five-day excursion in which we visited many beaches, clubs, cafes and restaurants. The vibrant culture of Goa filled all of us with sheer joy. We also did many water activities like Parasailing, boat tours and scuba diving. I loved Palolem Beach the most, especially at night.  We went shopping at some of the well-known flea markets, and I’ve brought some gifts for you too. It was a great experience and the five days went by in a flash.

I wish you had been there when I visited all the locations you informed me about. Let’s plan a meet-up soon and for an outing together. Till then, take care of yourself and your family.

Your dear friend,

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Sample 2: Letter To Your Friend About Your Trip To Goa

Plot no: C-16
Sector-6, Panchkula,
25th April, 2024

Dear Rupa,
I hope this letter finds you and your family in the pink of health. I am writing this letter to tell you about my amazing trip to Goa. I had heard so much about this vibrant place and this year, so this year my family and I decided to arrange a three-day trip there to take in its beauty. 

We arrived in Goa by plane at Goa International Airport. After reaching our hotel, we took a rest for an hour and then started our journey. In our 3-day journey, we explored many beautiful beaches, vibrant cafes and restaurants, different food cuisines, and crowded flea markets. The best thing about Goa is its nightlife near the beaches. We enjoyed the trip and did a lot of shopping too.

I suggest you pay a visit to this wonderful place. I’m sure that you and your family are going to love it. Also, let’s plan an outing whenever you are free. Give my regards to your family.

Your loving friend,

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Sample 3: Letter To Your Friend About Your Trip To Goa

letter to your friend about your trip to goa

Format Of Writing A Letter To Your Friend About Your Trip To Goa

Recipient’s Address
Dear (Recipient’s name),

Start the introduction with a warm greeting asking about their well-being.

In the body, describe the details of the trip. Share about the destination you went to, places you visited, the activities you did and the memorable experiences.

Affectionately end the letter. Use the words like ‘See you soon’ or ‘Take care of yourself’ to show your concern about their well-being.

When closing the letter, use a kind salutation, like ‘Thanking You’, Yours Sincerely’, etc.

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Q.1 What should I include in my letter about the trip?

A.2 You should share about the experience of your trip, the places that you visited and all the activities that you did there. You can elaborate on the details as much as you want.

Q.2 Why is sharing about your experience with your friend important?

A.2 Sharing your experience with a friend, especially the one who lives far away makes them included and important. It can make your bond strong as well.

Q.3 What should the closing paragraph include?

A.3 The closing paragraph should include statements like ‘Take care’ and ‘Regards to the family’. If your friend lives far away, you can mention to plan a meet soon.

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