Leave Request Mail: Format, Sample and Examples

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Leave Request Mail

An office employee often needs leaves for issues like health conditions and emergencies. Additionally, an employee has every right to avail of his/their/her annual leaves granted by the organisation. To request a leave or use prescribed leaves, one must send an appropriate and detailed but concise leave request mail to their immediate supervisor.

This blog will help you compose an appropriate mail for leave applications during your employment period. We have also included some samples for your reference. 

What is Leave Request Mail?

It is an electronic message in which an employee requests leave from his/her/their reporting manager or employer. The message states the intent of leave of absence, duration of leave, and other information as mandated by the organisation or the employer. The basic format and content of the mail should be in coherence with the company’s leave policy. Leaves can be requested for health conditions, personal engagements, family emergencies, and prescribed or annual leaves. 

What to Include in a Leave Request Mail?

All leave requests have certain mandatory elements. Given below are the essential components of a leave request mail:

  • Subject line
  • Greetings and Name
  • Reason for Leave
  • A note of gratitude
  • Attachment (if required)
  • Closing
  • Sign-Off (Formal closing phrases) and Signature (Name and Job Title)

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Leave Request Mail Format

It is advisable that employees create a universal template for an email for all types of leave requests. This saves time and is convenient for the reporting managers and HR departments. Here is a basic format for leave request emails, which can be used in any circumstances:

  • Subject: Mention the reason for requesting leave. Be precise and to the point. The subject line should reflect the intent of the mail.
  • Salutation: Use a formal greeting. Address your reporting manager. Be specific with the pronoun of the reporting authority. If you are unsure about the preferred pronoun then you are recommended to use a gender-neutral salutation like Dear. Just write the name of the recipient after Dear.
  • Text Body: The body should include the reason for the leave of absence and dates of absences. Start the body of the leave request mail with a brief explanation of the letter and the reason for the letter. Mention the dates for which you are requesting leave. It is suggested to bold the dates to help your reporting manager spot them at first sight. 
  • Attachment: Use attachments to support your reason. This is not a mandate nor a norm. But in the case of international trips, it is advisable to attach the relevant documents like scanned copies of visas and tickets. Likewise, for a health-related leave, you must ensure that you attach the medical records for the convenience of the recipient. 
  • Closing: Conclude your email with a thank you note for your manager. Express your gratitude to let the recipient know that you would appreciate your leave approval and be grateful for this gesture. 
  • Sign-Off and Signature: End your mail with a proper sign-off. Express your regards and mention your name and designation in the organisation. Some of the most used sign-offs are ‘Best Regards’, ‘Regards and Thank You’, ‘Respectfully’ and ‘Sciencierly’.

Tips to Write a Leave Request Mail

Here are some tips to draft a proper email for leaves:

  • Make use of formal salutations and closing compliments.
  • Always use professional terminologies and language.
  • Be up-front and precise with your request.
  • Only incorporate pertinent information.
  • Be concise in your thank you note.
  • Suggest a colleague who will take over your workload during your absence. 
  • Mention the exact dates. 

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Leave Request Mail Samples

Given below are samples for different types of leave requests:

Sample 1: Leave Request for Health Emergencies

(Name of the Reporting Manager/Supervisor/Employer),

Subject: Requesting leave for a health condition

In the past few days, my health condition has been deteriorating, owing to which I will have to be admitted to a hospital for 5 days. I have been experiencing (XYZ) symptoms, on account of which my physician has advised me to undergo some tests and take sufficient rest.

I will admit myself to (ABC) healthcare facility from (DD/MM/YYYY) to (DD/MM/YYYY). I request for leave of absence on the aforementioned dates. I have requested (XYZ) to take over my responsibilities. You can reach out to him/her/them for any work-related concerns. 

Kindly approve my request. I will be grateful if you grant me a leave of absence during these testing times. 


(Your/Employee’s Name)
(Your Designation)

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Sample 2: Leave Request for Prescribed or Annual Leaves 

Subject: Annual Leave (YYYY, Mention the Calendar Year)

Hi (Reporting Authority),

I would like to inform you that I want to avail my annual leave this month (Mention Month). I will be on leave from (Date of Leaving) to (Date of Resuming). I will be on a family vacation during this duration.

(XYZ) will be in charge of my workload. You can contact him/her/them for any of my projects. He/she/they will also handle my clients during my absence.

Thank you for considering my leave request. I will be highly obliged to you for your approval.

(Name of the Employee/Applicant)

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Sample 3: Leave Request for Emergencies

Subject: Leave for emergency.

Dear (Name of the Reporting Manager),

This is to notify you that I will not be able to attend the office for two days (Dates in DD/MM/YYYY) format. My spouse has met with a minor accident at her workplace. I was informed about the same just now. I am leaving for her help. I require an additional day’s leave to take care of her. I will resume work on (Resuming Date).

I have informed (XYZ) about the same. He/she/them will be taking over my work for today and tomorrow.

Thank you for your consideration.

(Name of the Applicant)
(Job Title)

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Q. How do I write leave request mail for the office?

A. You need to address the mail to your supervisor or reporting manager. Mention the reason for the leave of absence. Use professional salutations and closing compliments. Be specific with the dates. 

Q. How do I apply for emergency leave?

A. For emergent situations, you can write to your immediate boss and transfer your work to your colleague. Specify your reason and state the dates for which you require leave. 

Q. What are the different types of leaves available to employees?

A. An employee can avail of sick leave, annual leave, emergency leave, and maternity leave (for female employees only). 

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