Write a Letter to Your Friend to Play Safe Holi: Check Sample and Format

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Write a Letter to Your Friend to Play Safe Holi

Playing Holi is a joyful and safe occasion for children. The use of non-toxic and skin-friendly colours that prevent allergies and irritations makes the festival more enjoyable. 

To help students with good learning without compromising their health and well-being, schools should encourage students to write a letter to your friend to play safe Holi. The expression of ideas of a safe Holi will enable them to feel a sense of responsibility and awareness and also encourage them to play gently to avoid accidents and injuries. 

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Sample 1: Write a Letter to Your Friend to Play Safe Holi

Delhi Municipal Corporation
Krishna Nagar Road
Mavdi Plot 
New Delhi- 3600

22 February 2024

Dear Amit, 
There is a vibrant hue of spring colours around us, and the air is filled with the sweetness of delicious sweets and a scene of celebration. Amongst all this festivity and celebrations, I find myself excited about the arrival of the joyous festival of Holi. The annual colourful tradition holds a special place in our hearts, symbolising the triumph of good over the evil and renewal of life.

However, Amit, among the celebrations and high spirits of the festival, it is important that we remain mindful of the potential risks and precautionary steps involved. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience we should consider some precautions while celebrating the colourful festival. 

One aspect that raises eyebrows regarding safety concerns is the use of balloons during the celebrations of Holi. While these colourful external forces may seem harmless at first glance, their reckless development can impact a serious risk and spoil the occasion with unnecessary harm and accidents.

The impact of sudden strikes of balloons on unsuspecting individuals, which might include young children also could result in unexpected accidents such as slips, falls and even more dangerous injuries. The festival of love and unity will transform into a source of distress and discomfort.

I still remember the incident that took place last year in my colony, when a balloon hit the face of a child and left him shaken and fearful. 

My friend, it is our responsibility to celebrate the festival in traditional water games that create a harmonious environment and respect the other. Activities such as gentle sprinkling of water or playful exchange of water can create cherished moments without compromising anyone´s safety. 
The true joy of the festival lies in creating a setting that promotes the safety and participation of everyone without any fear. With this practice, we will ensure unity, renewal and concern for generations to come.

Wishing you and your family a colourful, safe and joyous Holi.
Your Friend,

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Sample 2: Write a Letter to Your Friend to Play Safe Holi 

Shree Hari Center
House No: 434
Garh Mukhteshwar,
Uttar Pradesh – 201030

13 March 2024

Dear Shraddha,
I hope this letter finds you well and in high spirits with the upcoming vibrant festival of Holi. A long-awaited festival celebrates colours, joy and new beginnings of life. However, amid the excitement, it is important to prioritise safety and well-being. 

While playing the colours please be sure that you do not compromise with health or safety. The colours that we use now for the celebrations of Holi often contain harmful chemicals and toxins. These chemicals can cause skin irritations, allergic reactions, and long-term health issues. 
Can you imagine Shraddha talking about the heartbreak of witnessing our friend’s joyous smile fading due to discomfort or illness caused by these colours? 

Therefore, please use non-toxic and eco-friendly colours on Holi. These colours are made from natural, plant-based ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for us. By choosing the alternatives of colours we will not only safeguard our well-being but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. 

Furthermore, please be safe from the act of applying colours on each other’s faces. Although this practice is common in Holi, I still remember the concern that etched my brow when they experienced a skin rash from the colours used. We should learn from the experience and make our celebration truly memorable for all the right reasons.

I hope by embracing all these safety measures we will protect ourselves as well as our loved ones with a sense of responsibility and consideration for all.

Wishing you and your family a safe and colourful Holi.
Your Friend

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Write a Letter to Your Friend to Play Safe Holi: Check Format

Write a Letter to Your Friend to Play Safe Holi

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Q.1. How can you play a safe and harmless Holi?

Ans: To play a safe and harmless Holi, use natural and skin-friendly colours. Avoid water balloons and stay hydrated. Moreover, play the festival gently and protect your sensitive body parts like eyes and nose from coloured powders.

Q.2. How do you write a letter to a friend on holiday?

Ans: To write a letter to a friend on holiday, start with a warm greeting, share your experiences, ask about their well-being, and end with good wishes.

Q.3. How to play Holi with friends?

Ans: To play Holi with friends, gather eco-friendly colours, and water pichkaris, enjoy music and dance, apply colours gently, and cherish the moments of togetherness and joy.

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