9 Creative Activities for Holiday Homework for Class 7 Social Science 

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Holiday Homework for Class 7 Social Science

Social science is a great subject. There are a lot of ideas and activities that can be given as holiday homework to students that will keep them engaged. In this blog, we are providing you with 9 creative activities for holiday homework for Class 7 Social Science. These are fun ideas that students will enjoy implementing. These ideas will also keep them in touch with their studies. Let us look at them now. 

Holiday Homework for Class 7 Social Science 

  1. Mystery Box

Search the internet for historical artefacts and then, using paper mache, recreate them, paint them, and put them in a box themed on history. 

  1. Myth Busting 

Search for a historical myth. Then create a presentation on it to be presented to the teacher in front of the class. In your presentation, try to debunk that myth. 

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  1. The Historic Comic 

Create a comic book that can include any event from history. The plot of the comic should be your own but the events can be taken as a reference from your history book. Create the drawings of the characters too. 

  1. Museum in a Box 

Take a big box, select the theme or topic for it and using infographics and pictures, paste them inside the box to create a museum. You can also use modeling clay to make little people in that museum. 

  1. Making a Map 
Holiday Homework for Class 7 Social Science

Create a historical map of any civilisation or empire by making labels and illustrations. 

  1. Investigation 

Research an ongoing social, environmental, etc. issue and create a news report on it. 

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  1. Historical Monument 

Select a historical monument of your choice and create a 3D model of the same using paper mache, etc. 

  1. Social Studies Board Game 
Holiday Homework for Class 7 Social Science

Based on a historical period, create a board game that includes historical concepts, events, questions, challenges, etc. 

  1. Timeline 

Choose an era of your own choice and create a timeline of the events held in that era on chart paper by pasting pictures and writing about them. 


Q.1. How to complete the holiday homework on time?

Ans: To create your holiday homework on time, do it by planning your time. Manage your time in such a way that you give enough attention to your holiday homework.

Q.2. How can I spend my time on vacation? 

Ans: To spend time on your holidays, there are a lot of fun ways too. You could do gaming, watch movies, go for an outing, go for a walk in the evening, or even go swimming. These are just some of the ways to enjoy your holidays.

Q.3. Is vacation an American word?

Ans: Yes, vacation is an “American English word.”

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