Holiday Homework for Class 6 Computer

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Holiday Homework for Class 6 Computer

Holidays are an excellent time for students to pursue their hobbies while also relaxing and letting go of the stresses of school. They can play outside, watch their favourite films, and so forth. However, it is equally crucial to keep up with studies during vacations. This is where the holiday homework comes in. The goal of holiday homework is to keep students from losing touch with their studies during the vacation. In this blog, creative computer holiday homework ideas are designed specifically for Class 6 students.

These are excellent learning tools while also being a lot of fun. Continue reading this blog to find out more about them. 

Computer Holiday Homework for Class 6

1. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

1.1. Which of the following is an input device?

a) Monitor
b) Printer
c) Keyboard
d) Speaker

1.2. Which device is used to store data permanently?

a) RAM
b) ROM
c) Hard disk
d) CPU

1.3. Which software is used to browse the internet?

a) MS Word
b) Windows
c) Browser
d) Paint

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2. Short Questions

1. Name an input device and its use.
2. What does RAM stand for and what is its function?
3. How do you save a document in MS Word?
4. What is antivirus software?
5. What does URL stand for?

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3. Match the terms to their correct definitions.

a) CPU1. Input device
b) Monitor2. Output device
c) Keyboard3. Brain of the computer
d) Printer4. Display information
e) Mouse5. Printing documents
f) Scanner6. Copies documents into a computer

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4. True or False

1. It is safe to share your passwords with friends. (True/False)                                                        
2. You should never open emails from unknown senders. (True/False)
3. Using strong passwords helps protect your accounts. (True/False)
4. It’s okay to click on random links while browsing. (True/False)
5. A computer virus is a type of hardware. (True/False)

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5. Fill in the blanks

1. The brain of the computer is the __________.
2. A __________ is used to point and click on items on the screen.
3. The main screen of a computer where icons are displayed is called the __________.__________ is a collection of web pages.
4. The physical parts of a computer are called __________.

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6. Paragraph Writing

  1. Write a short paragraph on why internet safety is important for kids.

7. Exercise

1. Conduct research about the first computer ever made. Write a short paragraph about it, including who invented it and when.
2. Draw a diagram of a computer system and label its main parts (CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse).

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7. Activity

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Q.1. What is the purpose of this computer holiday homework worksheet?

Ans: The purpose of this worksheet is to help you review and practice important computer concepts, improve your MS Office skills, and understand internet safety while engaging in fun and informative activities over the holiday season.

Q.2. Why are the computer activities important for students?

Ans: Computer activities are important for students as they help them understand the workings of computers and their importance in daily life.

Q.3. How is a computer useful to children?

Ans: A computer can be used to educate the students. They can learn about various subjects and skills on the computer.

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