Today’s News Headlines in English for School Assembly (11 April): Newly-Elected Rajya Sabha Members, Supreme Court Criticised Its Own 2021 Judgement, Novak Djokovic Advances to the Third Round, and Other News in English

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11 April School Assembly News Headlines

11 April 2024 School Assembly News Headlines: School assembly news keeps students informed on national, international, and sports news, thought for the day, new vocabulary, and historical events to broaden perspectives and enrich young minds. Let’s dive into today’s insights.

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Today’s National News Headlines in English for School Assembly

1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Simon Harris for becoming Ireland’s youngest Prime Minister. Modi expressed excitement for strengthening the bilateral partnership, citing shared democratic values and historical ties with Ireland, in a social media post.

2. Ten newly-elected Rajya Sabha members took oaths today. Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar administered the oath at Parliament House in New Delhi. The members include representatives from BJP, Shiv Sena, Congress, Samajwadi Party, and TMC.

3. The National Testing Agency clarified that students who cast votes in general elections won’t be barred from entering exam rooms. The NTA agency dismissed baseless social media rumours, urging students to exercise their voting rights.

4. In a rare move, the Supreme Court criticised its own 2021 judgment upholding a ₹4,700 crore arbitral award against Delhi Metro Rail Corporation in favor of Delhi Airport Metro Express. The court termed the judgment “perverse” and “patently illegal.”

5. India secured key positions at the United Nations, with Jagjit Pavadia re-elected to the International Narcotics Control Board for a third term. Pavadia was elected by secret ballot for five years, from March 2025-2030.

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School Assembly News Headlines International News

1. Sloan India, a subsidiary of Sloan Valve Company, US, is set to launch its inaugural experience center in India. The company, headquartered in Franklin Park, Illinois, with roots tracing back to 1906, will unveil its flagship facility in Gurugram.

2. MonetizeMore announced strategic expansion plans across the Asia Pacific region, with India at the forefront. The company, listed on the Financial Times 500, is a global publisher monetization company and Google Certified Publishing Partner.

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School Assembly News Headlines Sports News

1. World No. 1 Novak Djokovic advanced to the third round of the Monte-Carlo Masters with a masterful start. Djokovic defeated Roman Safiullin at Court Rainier III, reaching the third round for the 14th time.

2.  The National Women’s Hockey League, the first of its kind in India, promises to showcase talent and skill. The league aims to elevate the stature of women’s hockey, featuring fierce competition among top state teams.

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Thought for the Day for Students

Let us understand the deeper meaning of today’s Thought for the Day for Students for School Assembly News Headlines:

School Assembly News Headlines

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Vocabulary of the Day

Dive into 5 vocabularies and their sentence structure for School Assembly News Headlines:

Word Meaning Sentence 
ReticentInclined to keep one’s thoughts or feelings to oneself; reserved. Sarah is usually reticent in class discussions, but she excels at expressing herself through her artwork.
RavenousExtremely hungry; voracious.After a long hike, the hikers were ravenous and eagerly devoured their packed lunches.
ResilientAble to recover quickly from difficulties; flexible and adaptable.Despite facing many challenges, the community proved to be resilient and rebuilt their homes after the hurricane.
RudimentaryBasic or undeveloped; fundamental.The students were taught rudimentary math skills before moving on to more complex concepts.
RampantWidespread and uncontrollable; flourishing or spreading unchecked.With the flu outbreak, rumors of illness began to run rampant throughout the school.

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Important Day in History

Let us delve into 5 important days or events for school assembly news headlines on April 11 in the history of the world:

1. Napoleon’s Abdication (1814)

Napoleon Bonaparte abdicated as Emperor of the French, ending the Napoleonic Wars. He was exiled to Elba, marking a significant shift in European politics and the beginning of a new era.

2. Liberation of Buchenwald (1945)

Allied forces liberated Buchenwald concentration camp, exposing the horrors of the Holocaust. The liberation shed light on Nazi atrocities, serving as a stark reminder of the importance of combating prejudice and intolerance.

3. Truman’s Dismissal of MacArthur (1951)

President Truman’s dismissal of General MacArthur during the Korean War sparked controversy. It highlighted the tension between civilian leadership and military command, shaping US foreign policy and military strategy for years to come.

4. Overthrow of Idi Amin (1979)

Tanzanian forces and Ugandan exiles overthrew dictator Idi Amin in Uganda, ending his brutal regime. The overthrow marked a turning point for the country, ushering in a new era of stability and hope for its people.

5. Chavez’s Ousting (2002)

President Chávez’s brief ousting in a failed coup attempt caused political turmoil in Venezuela. The event highlighted the fragility of democracy and the challenges of governance in the region, shaping Venezuela’s political surroundings.

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