English Poems for Class 1: Rhymes for Young Minds

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English Poems for Class 1

Children adore rhymes and find them entertaining as they play and engage in various activities. To develop young kids’ minds, poems do play a crucial role. They help the kids learn reciting skills, communication skills, pronunciation of words, etc. Poems are one of the simplest approaches to educating the kids about various topics like nature, sun, rivers, trees, birds, etc. In this blog, we bring you some of the English Poems for Class 1 that are super fun and easy for kids to understand and recite. Let us now explore this blog! 

English Poems for Class 1 

  1. Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth – Good Habit Poem
Brush, brush, brush your teeth,
early in the morning!
Take, take, take your bath,
early in the morning!
Comb, comb, comb your hair,
early in the morning!
Drink, drink, drink your milk,
early in the morning!
Go, go, go to school,
early in the morning! 
  1. Little Boy Blue- Darren Sardelli
Little Boy Blue, please cover your nose.
You sneezed on Miss Muffet and ruined her clothes.
You sprayed Mother Hubbard, and now she is sick.
You put out the fire on Jack’s candlestick.

Your sneeze is the reason why Humpty fell down.
You drenched Yankee Doodle when he came to town.
The blind mice are angry! The sheep are upset!
From now on, use a tissue so no one gets wet! 

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  1. Row Row Row Your Boat… 
row row row your boat english poem for class 1
  1. The Little Turtle – Vachel Lindsay 
There was a little turtle.
He lived in a box.
He swam in a puddle.
He climbed on the rocks.

He snapped at a mosquito.
He snapped at a flea.
He snapped at a minnow.
And he snapped at me.

He caught the mosquito.
He caught the flea.
He caught the minnow.
But he didn’t catch me 

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  1. Now we are six – A. A. Milne 
When I was One,
I had just begun.
When I was Two,
I was nearly new.

When I was Three
I was hardly me.
When I was Four,
I was not much more.

When I was Five,
I was just alive.
But now I am Six,
I’m as clever as clever,
So I think I’ll be six now for ever and ever 
  1. Snowball – Shel Silverstein 
I made myself a snowball,
As perfect as could be.
I thought I’d keep it as a pet,
And let it sleep with me.

I made some pajamas,
And a pillow for its head.
Then last night it ran away,
But first, it wet the bed 
  1. Caterpillar – Christina Rossetti 
Brown and furry
Caterpillar in a hurry,
Take your walk
To the shady leaf, or stalk,
Or what not,
Which may be the chosen spot.
No toad spy you,
Hovering bird of prey pass by you;
Spin and die, 
To live again a butterfly 

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  1. Eletephony – Laura Elizabeth Richard
Once there was an elephant,
Who tried to use the telephant—
No! No! I mean an telephone

Who tried to use the telephone—
(Dear me! I am not certain quite
That even now I’ve got it right.)
Howe’er it was, he got his trunk

Entangled in the telephunk;
The more he tried to get it free,
The louder buzzed the telephee—
(I fear I’d better drop the song
Of elephop and telephong!) 


Q.1. What is the best poem for 1st grade?

Ans: Some of the best poems for 1st grade are- 
– Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth 
– Caterpillar 
– Snowball 
– Now we are six 
– Row Row Row Your Boat 

Q.2. What is a short simple poem in English?

Ans: A short and simple poem in English:
Johny, Johny!
Yes papa?
Eating sugar?
No papa.
Telling lies?
No papa.
Open your mouth!
Ha ha ha! 

Q.3. What is a poem with 1 line?

Ans: A poem with one line is called a “Monostich”. 

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Hope you will love the collection of our English Poems for class 1. To refer to interesting ideas related to children’s school education activities, follow Leverage Edu now!! 

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