10 New Year Crafts Ideas for Kids

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New year crafts ideas for kids

As we are done with Christmas fever, it’s time to indulge in New Year festivities. If you are a teacher looking for New Year Crafts ideas to bring the festive season to your classroom you can engage students in different activities. Some of the engaging New Year activities for school students are the creation of resolution cards, hats, confetti poppers, wishing trees, handprint calendars etc. When you engage your students in these craft ideas, make sure students challenge their creative bugs and display their ideas on different canvases. 

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1. New Year’s Resolutions Card

One of the most common New Year crafts ideas for kids is making New Year’s Resolutions cards from scratch. For this, you need to provide paper, markers, and coloured pencils to students. Now, let them write or draw their resolutions for the upcoming year. Once they are done with their cards, ask them to decorate the bulletin board with their cards. 

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2. New Year’s Hats

In addition, you can involve students in crafting New Year’s hats. For this, you need to cut out large circles from coloured construction paper. Thereafter, allow students to decorate their party hats with glitter, stickers, and markers. After they are done decorating, help them attach an elastic band to secure the hat.

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3. Confetti Poppers

To make confetti poppers for New Year’s celebration, you can ask students to bring empty toilet paper rolls or small containers. Further, give them ideas to decorate the outside of their poppers with colourful papers and markers. Thereafter, ask them to fill poppers with confetti or colored paper, and then pull or push to release the confetti.

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4. Countdown Clocks

Another interesting New Year crafts ideas for school students are countdown clocks. These clocks are made using paper plates, cardboard, or craft foam. After giving shape to the clocks, ask students to add numbers and clock hands to show the countdown to the new year.

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5. Balloon Pop Countdown

Furthermore, you can engage students in creating a balloon pop countdown. Start by gathering balloons and small pieces of paper. Now, ask your students to write an activity on each slip of paper. Ask them to put each piece inside one balloon and inflate it. Then ask them to burst each balloon at an interval of one hour and perform the task. 

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6. Fireworks Paintings

Besides, you can ask students to create their own fireworks paintings. For this, you can provide students with black construction paper and different coloured paints. Now, have them dip a toothbrush into the paint and flick it onto the paper to create a fireworks effect.

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7. Wishing Tree

In addition, as teachers you can present New Year crafts ideas like making a wishing tree. You can construct this tree using a wall-mounted poster where students can paste leaves, flowers, and fruits from coloured paper where they can write their New Year wishes. 

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8. Year-in-Review Collage

Also, you can ask students to bring cutouts of magazines or printouts of important events around the world and ask them to make a collage. Also, you can encourage them to create collages that represent their favourite memories and achievements from the past year.

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9. Gratitude Jars

Further, have your class students prepare gratitude jars. These jars will contain notes mentioning things or people students are thankful for. Give your class students small transparent jars, colourful chart papers, and sketch pens to create these gratitude jars. 

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10. Handprint Calendar

Another creative new year crafts ideas for kids is a personalised handprint calendar. You can help students in creating this calendar by asking them to use handprints of different colours for 12 months of the year. Also, have them decorate pages of each month with themes such as environment protection, world peace, gender equality, religious harmony, etc. This will help them learn about important concepts of human lives. 

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Q.1. What crafts to make in January?

Ans: In January, parents and teachers can engage students in creating New Year crafts. 

Q.2. What are simple new year craft ideas for school students?

Ans: Teachers can engage students in making Gratitude Jars, Wishing Tree, New Year’s Resolutions Cards, and Year-in-Review Calendar to celebrate the new year at school.

Q.3. What are easy new year craft ideas for toddlers?

Ans: Parents and teachers can help toddlers by creating a Handprint Calendar, Confetti Poppers, and Balloon Countdowns to engage children in new year activities.

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