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Essay On Village Life

Essay on village life: In an era of technological advancement, village life offers you a much better lifestyle than any other place. People living in the countryside lead a simple life because they are more involved in activities like farming, pasture grazing, etc. The chirping of birds, mud houses, huts, fields, fresh air, etc is the reflection of village life. The simplicity in the environment of the village provides a welcoming environment.

People living in the village live in peace and harmony with each other. The real beauty or the origin of a city can be briefed through the environment of the village. Apart from all these, village life is much more economical as compared to urban life. This blog will provide sample essay on village life for students and children, you can refer to these essays for exams or essay writing competitions!

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Short Essay on Village Life

Village life is a reflection of interdependency between the different communities. You can witness pure love and brotherhood among people. People living in rural areas are simple and lead a life following the traditional method of living without any modern amenities. The other side to its beauty is its difficulty. 

Villages are devoid of the comfort and facilities that are available in urban society. There is no source of entertainment and people need to arrange things on their own. Facilities like proper sewage areas, toilets, electricity, etc are also not available in villages. In spite of all such difficulties, people adjust to live a peaceful life in villages.

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Essay on Village Life in 150 Words

With an increasing number of people in the world, pollution is also increasing. But you can lead a pollution-free life in the village. India is known for its rural life because the majority of the people are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood.

People lead a very simple life in villages. The roles of men and women are well-defined there. Women are the homemakers and look after the household activities, whereas men in the village go out and do harvesting, sowing, and other agricultural activities to earn for the family.

Though their life is simple there are various difficulties like lack of amenities, electricity, water supply, nursing house, etc.

Authentic Indian culture can be witnessed through the lifestyle led by the villagers. One thing which is a major concern for village life is the lack of education.

Education is a basic human right and every individual in the country must get an education. The Government of India must take some steps and draft some policies to impart high-quality education to the people living in villages for the further development of the rural sector. 

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Life in a Village 250 Words

Village life is the most beautiful representation of hard work. It is considered as the backbone of the Nation. Villagers, especially farmers give their sweat and blood for the agricultural produce to satisfy the domestic as well as international consumers. Despite all this, the villagers had to face many challenges as they were deprived of the technological advancements as well as the facilities available in the urban area.

If we compare village life vs. city life, the lack of amenities, technological advancements, and industrial inference in the villages tend to create a fresh and pollution-free environment. On the other hand city life is very polluted owing to industrialization, urbanization, and heavy population.

People in the village lead a healthy, peaceful, and happy life. If the government introduced some policies and raised funds for the development of the rural sector and provided them with some basic amenities like hospitals, nursing homes, proper sanitation systems, sewage systems, schools, electricity, etc. then the village life would be much more comfortable. 

Talking about safety, the crime rates are lower in villages as compared to cities. Most of the people living in cities take some days off to spend their holidays in villages so that they can live in peace away from the chaos of city life. The honking of cars, pollution, traffic, work stress, etc is very stressful to deal with whereas in village life things are more simple and sorted because there is no chaos and people share a bond of brotherhood. 


How do you write a village essay?

The major section in India is dependent on agriculture for livelihood so they live in villages. Agriculture is a tough job and living in villages is also quite a challenge but people in villages lead a peaceful and simple life.

How is life in the village?

Village life is simple and economical. Owing to less industrial pollution in villages, the village environment is full of fresh air to breathe. Children can play freely and people share the feeling of brotherhood neglecting the religious boundaries.

What is the nature of village life?

Away from the chaos of city lights and traffic, village life is just the opposite. It is calm and free of noise and pollution. People in the village lead a simple life and are mainly involved in the agriculture sector.

What is a village in a short note?

A village is a type of settlement for people in a rural area. Villages are smaller than cities. People in villages generally perform agricultural tasks and take care of the livestock. A maximum of 2500 inhabitants live in a village. People belonging to different religions, caste, or creed live here peacefully.

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