5 Fun English Stories For Class 2 

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English Stories for Class 2

Stories are fun to read and when children listen to stories, their imaginations run free and they become much more creative. Stories not only help in developing kids’ brains but also help them develop skills like focused listening, moral values, concentration, etc. When they imagine the characters in their mind, they come to life for them. Stories are a great way to ensure the holistic development of a child; hence, in this blog, we bring you 5 Fun English Stories For Class 2 that are fun to listen to and provide moral values to kids. Let us explore them. 

1. Elephant and Friends 

A lonely elephant was looking for friends in the forest. The monkey declined to be the elephant’s friend because the elephant could not swing in the trees. The rabbit turned the elephant because it was too big to fit in the burrow. The frog refused to be the elephant’s friend because it could not jump. Every other animal said no to the poor elephant. The next day, all the animals in the forest were running away in fear. The elephant stopped a bear, who said that the tiger was attacking them all. The elephant nicely asked the tiger to stop, but the tiger told the elephant to stay out of the way. The elephant proceeded to kick the tiger and scare it away. The other animals then realised that the elephant was the perfect size to be their friend.

Moral: Friends can be any shape or size. 

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2. The Needle Tree 

There were two brothers; the older one was always mean to the younger one. The older one would chop firewood in the forest and sell it at the market. One day, he stumbled across a magical tree. The tree begged him not to cut him down and promised him golden apples in exchange. The older brother felt disappointed with the number of apples he received. He decided to cut down the tree anyway, but the tree showered him with hundreds of needles. The boy was left lying on the forest ground in pain. His younger brother finally found him and carefully took out every needle. The older brother finally apologized for treating his brother badly. The magical tree saw this exchange. It decided to give them more golden apples. 

Moral: Kindness will always be rewarded. 

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3. A Glass of Milk 

There was a poor boy who would sell newspapers to pay for school. One day, he was ravenous and decided to ask for food at the next house he visited. Several people denied him food. However, a girl at one house offered him a glass of milk. She refused to take payment for it. After many years, this girl fell sick. No doctor wanted to help her. She decided to go to the best doctor in town. The doctor spent months treating her, though she could not afford the service. When she received the hospital bill, it read ‘Paid in full, with a glass of milk’. 

Moral: Good deeds are always rewarded. 

4. The Ants and the Grasshopper 

English Stories For Class 2

Moral: There’s a time to work and a time to play. 

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5. The Bundle of Sticks 

An old man had three sons. They were hard workers but always fought. He could never unite them. He then fell ill and asked his sons to unite. They paid him no heed. He decided to teach them a lesson to set aside their differences. He gave them a bundle of sticks and told them to break it into two. Whoever finishes first will win. They quickly did this and started fighting again. He then gave them another bundle of sticks and told them to break it as a bundle and not separately. Despite their best efforts, they could not do it. He told them it was easy to break the sticks individually. But if you stay united, no one can hurt you. They finally understood the value of unity. 

Moral: There’s strength in unity.

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Q.1. What is the short story with moral class 2?

Ans: The Wet Pants 
There was once a young boy in school. He had wet his pants and was scared that his class would make fun of him. He noticed that the teacher and a classmate were walking towards him with a goldfish bowl. The young girl trips and drops the fishbowl in his lap. The rest of the classmates think it is her fault for wetting his pants. Later, he asks her if she did that on purpose. She tells him, “I wet my pants once too”

Q.2. What is a moral story for kids?

Ans: Some of the popular moral stories for kids are:
The Ants and The Grasshopper 
The Needle Tree 
A Glass of Milk 
Elephant and Friends 

Q.3. Which is the best panchatantra story?

Ans: “The Mouse and the Elephants” is one of the best Panchatantra stories.

Hope you like the English stories for class 2 that we have provided in this blog. For more such kids’ learning material, check out School Education and follow Leverage Edu!! 

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