The Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying in a Boarding School After 10th Grade

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Advantages and disadvantages of studying in boarding schools after 10th grade

As soon as your child reaches the age when schooling begins, you as a parent start looking into schools and attempting to determine which options are ideal for your children. You could feel overwhelmed trying to decide because there are so many possibilities, yet just one choice will determine how your child’s future will turn out. You might also obtain a lot of tips and recommendations regarding boarding schools. However, is that a wise decision for your child? Are you attempting to give it some further thought in light of your own work obligations and demanding schedules? You are now overwhelmed with the possibilities that are available. The advantages and disadvantages of studying in a boarding school after 10th grade will be covered in this blog to assist you in making a more informed choice. 

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Is Boarding School God or Bad? 

Education should not be the main objective; rather, the learning environment is very important. The learning environment of any school, for that matter, is crucial to a child’s growth since it focuses on holistic, inclusive development in addition to academic performance.

Children that attend boarding schools reside on campus, in contrast to typical schools. They attend classes and eat meals together, as well as sharing lodgings. Children return home during the summer break, and some schools even permit it on the weekends. You must consider which option will work best for your child, just like with other schools. It is impossible to draw a generalization about whether boarding schools are good or bad. Each school has a unique mission statement and vision since every child is an individual with unique requirements. Finding a school that fits your child’s personality and needs is the key and a lot of factors should be taken into consideration.

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Advantages of Studying in a Boarding School

Let’s discuss the advantages of studying in boarding school:

A Comprehensive Approach to Education

Class sizes at boarding schools are modest, which makes it simpler for all students to connect with their teachers and ask for assistance. Less attention may be given to each student by the teacher the larger the class size. In boarding institutions, though, it isn’t the case. Teachers in boarding schools share the same campus and facilities as the students, and as a result, they take on a role similar to that of a role model in the lives of the students. Outside of school hours, teachers may collaborate with students on a variety of tasks, whether they are academic or athletic in nature. 

Confidence Building and Independence

Children will have to complete their homework independently and wake up early in the morning on their own, which is almost the hardest thing for a child to do. They won’t have their parents nearby to assist them at all times, so they will have to cope with their issues on their own. On the side, they would work with their pals to try to fix any of their difficulties if any were there in addition to their own. They will develop strength and a spirit of independence.

Builds Confidence

Since the student will live alone and must deal with all of his difficulties by himself, his confidence will undoubtedly rise because he won’t be able to avoid them. They will first exhibit some pain, but as they adjust to the new surroundings, they will be able to handle all difficulties with ease, which will help them build their confidence.

24×7 Learning Environment

Instead of being basic institutions with a set length of time, boarding schools are open at all times. It always has a dynamic, engaging learning environment. Because boarding schools are known for their education, they make a significant financial investment to give each student the finest possible educational resources and to help them achieve in their studies. In comparison to other schools, boarding schools offer a wider range of curriculum and extracurricular activities. Typically, boarding school students devote more time to academics and extracurricular activities than students attending other institutions.

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Disadvantages of Studying at Boarding School

Even though attending a boarding school has numerous benefits, there are certain drawbacks you should be aware of if you’re considering enrolling your child there. Let’s talk about the disadvantages of studying at a boarding school.


A child will undoubtedly miss his family and home even though boarding schools are full of kids who have a lot in common. Not everyone is capable of surviving in hostels. In addition, no two of us behave or are like one other. In the past, parents would send their kids to boarding schools to discipline them, but this isn’t the case now. Sometimes parents send their kids to boarding schools when they need somebody to care for them (as early as age 8 or 10). This type of action should ideally only be performed after careful consideration and after fully comprehending your child’s behaviorsad, not simply because it has been advised. Without any doubt, the child will make a lot of friends there, but since no one can take the place of parents, many children end up missing their family and home.


No matter how stringent the boarding rules are, there will always be people who break them. It’s just a poor situation if a youngster is subjected to bullying for an extended period of time because it can affect their mental health and even cause them to become mentally sick. Therefore, before enrolling a child in boarding school, one must examine the policies or the terms and conditions.

Gender Separation

The majority of boarding schools are exclusively for boys or girls, yet in today’s competitive world, kids should learn in a coeducational setting. Children gain an understanding of the useful traits of the other gender and therefore grow to respect them. They gain the ability to relate to people of other genders in a healthy way.

We hope after reading the advantages and disadvantages of studying in a boarding school after 10th grade will help you to take better decisions. 

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