Lancer Convent Admission 2023-24: Fee Structure, Admission Schedule

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Lancer Convent Admission

Are you considering enrolling your child at Lancer Convent for the academic year 2023-24? This blog provides essential information about the admission process, fee structure and admission schedule at Lancer Convent. As a reputed educational institution, Lancer Convent offers a holistic learning experience and a nurturing environment for students to thrive. Read on to learn more about Lancer Convent admission details for the upcoming academic year.

Address Prashant Vihar, Outer Ring Road, Delhi – 110085, India
Phone 40073000
Email Admin@Lancersconvent.Ac.In
Website Lancer’s Convent School

Why Lancer Convent?

There are multiple reasons why parents choose to get their child admitted to Lancer Convent. Some major factors are explained below:

Academic Excellence: Known for its commitment to academic excellence, the school follows a comprehensive curriculum that emphasises a strong foundation in various subjects, preparing students for future academic pursuits.

Experienced and Qualified Faculty: The school boasts a team of experienced and qualified teachers who are dedicated to providing quality education. They employ innovative teaching methods, ensuring effective learning and individual attention to students.

Holistic Development: Lancer Convent focuses on the holistic development of students by offering a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, cultural events, and clubs. This enables students to explore their interests, develop skills and nurture their overall personality.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: The school provides state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, libraries, laboratories and sports facilities. These resources enhance the learning experience and create an environment conducive to growth and exploration.

Values and Ethics: Lancer Convent promotes value-based education, instilling a sense of ethics, integrity, and social responsibility in students. The school emphasises character development, fostering qualities such as empathy, respect and leadership.

Parent-Teacher Collaboration: The school encourages the active involvement of parents in their child’s education through regular parent-teacher interactions, workshops and events. 

Career Guidance and Counselling: Provides career guidance and counselling to help students make informed decisions about their future endeavours. They assist students in identifying their interests, aptitudes and career paths, enabling them to make successful transitions beyond school.

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Admission Schedule 2023-24

The Lancer Convent admission schedule for 2023-24 is given below:

Commencement of Online Registration 01-12-2022 (Thursday)
Release of the list of registered candidates on the school website and notice board 23-12-2022 (Friday) 2:00 PM
Release of the list of registered candidates with secured points on the school website and notice board 06-01-2023 (Friday)
Release of the first list of selected candidates and waiting list (along with points allotted) 13-01-2023 (Friday)
Last date for completion of admission formalities for the first list of selected candidates 20-01-2023 (Friday)
Last date for completion of admission formalities for first list of selected candidates 23-01-2023 (Monday)
Resolution of parents’ queries, if any, (by written/email/verbal interaction) regarding
allotment of points to their ward 21-01-2023 (Saturday) to
30-01-2023 (Monday)
Last date for completion of admission formalities for the second list of selected candidates 06-02-2023 (Monday)
Release of the subsequent list of selected candidates (If any) 07-02-2023 (Tuesday)
Resolution of parents’ queries, if any, (by written/email/verbal interaction) regarding
allotment of points to their ward 08-02-2023 (Wednesday) to
14-02-2023 (Tuesday)
Release of the subsequent list of selected candidates (If any) 01-03-2023 (Wednesday)
Closure of admission process 17-03-2023 (Friday)

Fee Structure

Fee Category Amount (in INR)
1. Admission Fee 200
2. Annual Charges 6,250.00
3. Monthly Tuition Fee
(i) Pre-School 6,000.00
(ii) Pre-Primary 4,325.00
(iii) I to V 3,060.00
(iv) VI to VIII 3,640.00
(v) IX & X 3,770.00
(vi) XI & XII 4,705.00
4. Monthly Development Fee
(vii) Pre-School 900
(viii) Pre-Primary 648
(ix) I to V 459
(x) VI to VIII 546
(xi) IX & X 565
(xii) XI & XII 705
5. Monthly IT Charges 200
6. Monthly Practical Fee 120.00 (per subject)
(Applicable for classes XI & XII involving Practical subject)
7. Monthly Central Air Conditioning Charges 300

Eligible Age for Preschool

• Children must have been born between 01.04.2019 and 31.03.2020.

• The head of the school may grant a relaxation of up to 30 days in the minimum and upper age limit for admission. Parents can submit a manual application to the school to request age relaxation.

Seat Allocation


55% Seats for General Category (OPEN SEATS): 194

25% Seats for EWS/DG/CWSN Category: 88

20% Seats for Management Quota: 70

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Criteria for General Category

Criteria Points
1. Distance of school from residence
– 0 – 5 km 70.00
– 5 km onwards 60.00
2. Sibling (Real brother/sister studying in Lancer’s Convent) 10.00
3. Alumni (Either of the parents passed class X or XII from Lancer’s Convent) 10.00
4. Staff Ward (Either of the parents is working in Lancer’s Convent) 10
Total 100

Documents Required

Documents Description
Birth Certificate Official document showing the child’s date of birth, issued by the competent authority.
Proof of Residence An official document showing the child’s date of birth, issued by the competent authority.
For Sibling Fee receipt issued by the school for the Academic Session 2022-2023.
For Alumni CBSE Certificate of Class X or XII 

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Choosing the right school for your child is a significant decision, and Lancer Convent aims to provide a nurturing educational environment for students. By understanding the admission schedule and fee structure for the academic year 2023-24, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free admission process for your child. We encourage you to visit Lancer Convent’s official website or contact the school administration for detailed information and any specific queries regarding the admission process.


Q1. What is the admission fee for Lancer Convent for the session 2023-2024?

Ans. The admission fee is Rs. 200.00.

Q2. What are the annual charges for Lancer Convent?

Ans. The annual charges are Rs. 6,250.00.

Q3. What is the monthly tuition fee for Pre-School at Lancer Convent?

Ans. The monthly tuition fee for Pre-School is Rs. 6,000.00.

Q4. Are there any development fees?

Ans. Yes, there are monthly development fees ranging from Rs. 900.00 to Rs. 705.00, depending on the grade.

Q5. Is there a separate IT charge?

Ans. Yes, there is a monthly IT charge of Rs. 200.00.

For further details and information on school admissions and fee structure, you can visit Leverage Edu‘s website. Leverage Edu is a reliable platform that provides comprehensive guidance and resources for students seeking educational opportunities.

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