Write a Letter to Your Friend Asking Him to Join the Seminar: Check the Samples

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Letter to Your Friend Asking Him to Join the Seminar

School students attend seminars now and then. These discussions play an important role in the lives of school students, offering them invaluable opportunities for growth, development of skills, and exposure to new ideas and perspectives. 

Keeping these benefits in mind, we are presenting 2 writing samples of writing a letter to your friend asking him to join the seminar and hope that these write-ups will help in encouraging the pupils to join an upcoming seminar. 

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Write a Letter to Your Friend Asking Him to Join the Seminar: Sample of Format

Write a Letter to Your Friend Asking Him to Join the Seminar

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Write a Letter to Your Friend Asking Him to Join the Seminar

Shalimar Tower,
Jopling Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

15 January 2024

Dear Parul,
How have you been? I hope you are doing well and enjoying the school year so far. I am writing this letter to you about an exciting seminar that our school is going to organise next month, and I think that you should join me in attending.

The topic of the seminar is titled ¨Discovering Your Purpose of Life¨ and it aims to help students explore the deeper questions of life and find meaning and the right direction. The seminar will feature talks and workshops led by famous motivational speakers, philosophers, and life coaches. The topics will also cover how to find your passion, set goals, overcome obstacles, and how to live with purpose.

We had many late-night conversations about what we wanted to do with our lives, how to make a positive impact on the world, and how to live a fulfilling existence. Trust me, this seminar could provide us with some valuable insight and guidance as we plan and direct these profound issues.

The seminar is quite affordable for students and I truly believe it will be thought-provoking and have potential life-changing experiences. Please let me know if you are interested in joining me. It would be great to have my best friend by my side as we explore the aim of life together.

Your Friend,

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Write a Letter to Your Friend Asking Him to Join the Seminar

8G-New Hostel
Major Singhania Marg,
Ludhiana – 101298

3 February 2024

Dear Ravi, 
I hope this letter finds you doing well. I am writing to you today about an exciting opportunity that you must be waiting for a long time. Next month, our school is hosting a three-day Science seminar on crucial topics in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The seminar will feature lectures from famous scientists and researchers across the country.

I know how much you love Science, especially Biology with your aspirations to become a researcher in the field of medicine one day. Trust me, this seminar would be an amazing chance for you to learn directly from the experts and maybe even get some career advice for future aspects.

Honestly, I am a little jealous that I don’t share quite the same level of obsession with Science as you. The seminar will be a great way to brush up on some concepts of Science I have struggled with in class. But for you, this seminar could be a truly invaluable experience that helps you with your future career path in an impactful way.

The cost of the seminar is only ₹500 for the whole three-day seminar which is undoubtedly a great deal. I hope you will join me for what is sure to be an amazing few days exploring Science. Just let me know if you need any other details.

Your Friend
Source: Born to Win

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Que. 1 How to write a letter to your friend?

Ans. To write a letter to your friend, start the letter with an informal greeting like:
Dear [Friend´s name].
Follow the letters by sharing updates of information, thoughts, or events of life in a conversational tone. End the letter with a warm closing like:
Your Friend,
[Your Name].

Que. 2 How do you start an informal letter?

Ans. Start an informal letter with a casual greeting like Dear [Name], using their first name or a nickname. Try to maintain a friendly conversational tone throughout the letter.

Que. 3 What are the 4 types of letters?

Ans. The four main types of letters are Formal letters, Informal letters, Business letters, and Personal letters. Each letter has a specific formatting tone and purpose.

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