MTech in Robotics Engineering

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The 2-year MTech Robotic Engineering program is perfect for students who want to learn more about robotics and automation while creating and testing robots and automated systems. 

To prepare students for the workplace, MTech Robotic Engineering also places a strong emphasis on practicals and seminars. The entirety of the course’s disciplines is taught beginning with the fundamentals of applied mathematics, robotics, Mechatronics, Kinematics, Solid Mechanics, etc. Read on to know more about MTech in Robotics Engineering, eligibility, top colleges, admission process, syllabus, career scope, and more.

Particulars Details
MTech in Robotics Engineering
Course Duration 2 years
Course Fee 2 Lakh to 6 Lakh
Average Salary 2 Lakh to 10 Lakh
Top Recruiters Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), DiFACTO Robotics and Automation, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), NASA, etc.
Job Profiles Robotics Engineer, Software Engineer, Computer Software Robotics Engineer, Robotics Testing Engineer, Aerospace Robotics Engineer, etc.

What is MTech in Robotics Engineering?

MTech Robotic Engineering is concerned with the application, regular use, maintenance, and upkeep of robots and automated systems to guarantee that they function as effectively as possible. An MTech in Robotic Engineering, which takes two years and four semesters to complete, will give the individual a thorough understanding of every aspect of the field. Field robotics, autonomous systems, embedded systems, computer vision, artificial intelligence, mobile robots, modeling and control systems, and other intricate aspects of contemporary robotics are all covered in the course. Simulations, seminars, and practicals are among the course’s most crucial components since they enable students to comprehend the intricacies and difficulties of real-world situations.

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Why Study MTech in Robotics Engineering?

Below mentioned are the reasons to study MTech in Robotics Engineering. It makes sense for applicants to choose degrees in these areas because electronics, mechatronics, and robotics are renowned and timeless subjects. Collaboration with foreign universities through the MTEch Robotic Engineering program helps to upskill professors, which benefits students as well. 

  • Every student who completes their MTech Robotic Engineering will have a competitive advantage in the nation’s expanding industrial and technology industries. 
  • As the best universities work closely with recruiters, applicants will be placed in elite organizations after completing the MTech Robotic Engineering course in addition to giving diversity. 
  • Jobs in the fields of robotics specialist, robotics technician, mobile robotics application engineer, robotics application engineer, etc. are available to graduates of MTech Robotic Engineering programs.

Admission Process: Mtech in Robotics Engineering

While many universities use a GATE score as the benchmark, several also administer their own all-India test as part of their admissions process. India is quickly developing into a major manufacturing and technical centre, creating a need for skill development in order to preserve the supply of highly qualified workers.

  • After meeting the eligibility requirements, candidates must register for the specified admission exam. 
  • The decision and cutoff will be made public by the college admissions committee. 
  • On the basis of their UG Degree grades, applicants may also be admitted on the basis of merit. 
  • Similarly, after the verification of documents and a brief personal interview session, candidates will be admitted. The candidate with the greater percentage or aggregate marks in their UG degree will be preferred for admission.

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Mtech in Robotics Engineering: Eligibility Criteria

The following list includes the minimal requirements for MTech Robotic Engineering: 

  • Candidates must have earned their undergraduate degree in B. Tech, BCA, or BSc from an accredited institution. 
  • On the most recent qualifying exam, they needed to receive an overall score of at least 55%.

Colleges for  MTech in Robotics Engineering in India

A few of the colleges for pursuing an MTech in Robotics Engineering in India are:

  • Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women
  • Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal
  • Manipal Institute of Technology 
  • Ambalika Institute of Management and Technology in Lucknow
  • Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune
  • The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore

 MTech in Robotics Engineering: Syllabus

Year – 1 Syllabus

Semester -1  Semester-2 
Mechatronics in Manufacturing Systems Robotics Sensors
Drives and Control Systems for Robots Kinematics and Dynamics of Robots
Applied Mathematics for Engineers Robotics Lab
Introduction to Robotics Robot Programming
Advanced Solid Mechanics Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

Year – 2 Syllabus

Semester – 3  Semester – 4
Project Work – Phase 1 Subjects of Study
Industrial Robots Subjects of Study

Electives Subjects

Below mentioned is the list of electives that students must have to choose from during the duration of the course:

  • Manufacturing System Simulation
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  • Robot Vision
  • Group Technology and Cellular Manufacturing
  • Modern Material Handling Systems
  • Principles of Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
  • Robot Economics
  • Comp Numerical Control Machines and Adaptive Control
  • Manufacturing Systems Automation

Career Prospects: MTech in Robotics Engineering

Since a wide range of industries is covered by Robotics and Automation, candidates with work experience in a particular sector can rejoin that sector after completing the course because the various governments, both State and Central, are implementing Robotics and Automation in various stages, making it highly likely that a candidate is hired for a government job right out of college.

Job Profiles

Here are a few of the job profiles to work on after pursuing MTech in Robotics Engineering:

MTech in Robotics Engineering: Future Scope

Applicants can take a variety of online courses from MOOC websites and platforms like Udemy, edX, and Coursera to augment their learnings, with a special focus on mining, manufacturing, military, health, research, real estate, and space exploration to mention a few. A Ph.D. is the obvious step after an MTech for people who want to pursue a career in research because it will make it easier for them to enrol in colleges and institutions as researchers.

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Q1. Which IIT is best for MTech in Robotics?

Ans. IIT Kanpur is the best for MTech in Robotics.

Q2. Can I join ISRO after Robotics Engineering?

Ans. After earning a degree in BTech and MTech you can get a chance to work in ISRO.

Q3. Which is the best branch for Robotics?

Ans. Robotics Engineering is one of the best branches of Robotics.

We hope this blog helps you to know about MTech in Robotics engineering. To know more about such courses in India and Abroad, please visit Leverage Edu.

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