Banaras Hindu University Student Life: BHU Campus Life

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Banaras Hindu University Student Life

Pursuing further education at the prestigious Banaras Hindu University can be a wonderful choice for those seeking an unparalleled education, state-of-the-art research facilities, and a vivacious student life. Banaras Hindu University (BHU), widely regarded as one of India’s most prestigious schools, is noteworthy not just for providing tailored care and attention to students, but also for moulding meritorious individuals into capable personalities. Read the blog to learn more about student life at Banaras Hindu University and why one should opt for the stated institution.

The university offers a myriad of lucrative undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in various domains. The courses offered here are designed to equip students with adequate knowledge and skills in different subjects. Apart from providing best-in-class education, the university is also noted for its happening student life. Below, we have added information about on-campus facilities and events of BHU.

BHU On-Campus Facilities and Features 

Students aspiring to enrol for the various programmes offered by Banaras Hindu University can have a look at the following list of facilities and features offered by the said institution. 

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Study Amidst Nature 

One of the primary highlights of studying at the BHU campus is that it is situated amidst mother nature and provides a tranquil ambience for students to pursue their education. The campus, also referred to as Green Campus is ideal for those who wish to study in serenity, amidst lush green trees and fauna. The campus, encompassing an area of 1360 acres, is predominantly engulfed by bountiful greenery.

Vibrant College Life 

If you are someone who has always been interested in trying different things, then you are in for a ride! College life here can be an excellent learning curve for those who have always lived in their own bubbles and can assist them in breaking out of their comfort zone. National and international seminars, conferences, workshops and events are frequently conducted at the campus to ensure the highest quality of education is maintained at the institution. 

Such programmes can help individuals broaden their perspectives and help them acquire new skills and knowledge. Major events such as college fests and competitions are held throughout the academic tenure of students. Such events can allow individuals to move out of their comfort zones and discover their hidden talents. It can be a gateway for students to socialise with others and make new networks. 

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BHU Campus Events and Activities 

Partaking in socio-cultural activities can prove to be a great learning curve for students apart from the conventional media of education. Such events or activities can help one socialise with others and provide them with a broader perspective of different cultures, backgrounds and streams.

Social clubs at BHU can be a gateway for those who wish to break out of their comfort zone and acquire new skills. Not only such clubs or events are a great way for one to learn new things, but they can also enable students to convey their ideas to each other, resulting in a much greater learning experience. At BHU, one can enrol on different social clubs, depending on their domain of interest. Some of the major clubs at the BHU are:

  1. Yuvamanthan-Bharat ki Baat
  2. Coalesce (literary club)
  3. Aratrika (theatre club) 
  4. ImaginX (photography club) 
  5. Rhetoric (debate club) 
  6. Kalam

Coming to the major events and fests conducted at BHU, are: 

  1. Spandan 
  2. Jhankar
  3. Disha 
  4. Sarjana 
  5. Kajari Mahotsav 
  6. Kavi Sammelan 

BHU Campus Experience and Reviews

The Banaras Hindu University Campus comes with everything that a student can ask for. If you are someone who wishes to study in solitude without worrying much about the ruckus of the main city, the BHU campus is ideal for you. One of the primary highlights of the campus is its Central Library. Here, you will be able to find all the necessary textbooks and resources needed for you to cover your curriculum. There is a lot to explore on the BHU Campus. 

Coming to its reviews, the campus has been highly rated by the students pursuing their education over there. Much loved amongst students, the BHU campus is one of the most preferred campuses in the country. 


How big is the BHU main campus?

Located at the southern edge of Varanasi, BHU encompasses a total area of 1,300 acres (5.3 km2).

Does the BHU campus have a gym?

Students at the BHU campus are provided with multiple facilities, including a fully-functional gymnasium that is equipped to help students with Power Lifting, yoga, wrestling and weight lifting. 

What is the dress code of BHU’s main campus?

Women are required to wear white sarees with red borders along with red blouses, while men are supposed to wear white kurta-dhoti or pyjamas.

Studying at the Banaras Hindu University will not only provide you with enriched knowledge about different subjects and domains, but also a larger perspective on various elements of life, people and cultures, and so on. In essence, student life at BHU may be a life-changing experience for those who want to push themselves out of their comfort zones, learn new things, and create a formidable personality.

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