MTSE Scholarship 2024: Amount, Result, and Syllabus

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MTSE Scholarship

Maths Talent Search Examination (MTSE) is an online mathematics examination conducted by the Indian Institute for Studies in Mathematics (IISMA). Students from any educational board from class 3 to class 9 can apply for the examination.  However, the students can only appear for the class he/she is studying. The MTSE Scholarship examination tests the understanding of mathematical concepts and helps students to prepare for competitive examinations. The examination focuses on mathematical reasoning, mental ability, concepts, accuracy, and speed. The examination can be conducted in English or Marathi. Keep reading to learn more about the MTSE exam.

Examination NameMaths Talent Examination (MTSE)
Conducted ByInstitute for Studies in Mathematics (IISMA)
Examination LevelNational
Eligibility Class 3 to Class 9 students
Examination Mode Online
Registration Last Date (Tentative)10 April 2024
Examination Date (Tentative)16 May 2024
Examination Result (Tentative)1 June 2024
Marksheet Download (Tentative)30 June 2024
Benefit Cash prizes up to INR 2500

MTSE Examination Eligibility Criteria

The MTSE Scholarship examination is conducted by IISMA for students from class 3 to class 9. However, to appear for the examination students must meet the eligibility requirements. Only the students who meet the eligibility criteria can appear for the MTSE Scholarship examination. Below are the main eligibility criteria for the MTSE examination.

  • A student studying in class  III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII,  or IX from any recognised educational board 
  • Moreover, the student must appear only for the class that he/she is studying.

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MTSE Examination Pattern 

The MTSE examination tests a student’s mathematical reasoning skills, mental ability, accuracy, novel approach, and speed. Those who clear this MTSE Scholarship exam are awarded cash prizes and certificated by the IISMA. The MTSE exam is conducted online and is in an MCQ pattern. Below is the examination pattern in detail.

Examination ModeOnline
Examination TypeObjective/MCQ
Number of Questions35
Duration of the examination60 minutes 
Marks Granted+2 marks 
Negative Marking Not applicable 

MTSE 2024 Examination Syllabus

The MTSE examination can be undertaken by any student from class 3 to class 9. The MTSE examination syllabus is different for each class. Students can check the examination syllabus based on the class. Below we have provided the syllabus.

Class 3Class 4 Class 5Class 6
Arithmetic OperationsRoman NumeralsRoman NumeralsIntegers
Number Sequence up to 1000Number Sequence up to five digitsNumber Sequence up to nine digitsDivisibility
Mathematical ExpressionsArithmetic Operations, Mathematical Expressions BracketsDivisibilityRoman Numerals
FractionsMeasurementArithmetic OperationsArithmetic Operations
CurrencyFractions and DecimalsBrackets, GCD and LCMMathematical Expressions
MeasurementCurrencyAverage, Profit and LossIndices
LengthWeightFractions and DecimalsBrackets
VolumeLengthPercentageRatio and Proportion
TimeVolumeInterestFractions and Decimals
Geometrical Concepts.AnglesMeasurementGCD and LCM
Geometrical Concepts.LengthPercentage, Interest
WeightProfit and Loss
Volume and AreaCurrency
Time Measurement
Distance and SpeedLength, Weight, Volume, and Area
AnglesAngles, Circles, Triangles
CirclesTime, Distance and Speed
Geometrical ConceptsConstruction
Geometrical Concepts

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Class 7Class 8Class 9
Rational NumbersDivisibilityReal Numbers
DivisibilityReal NumbersSets
Roman NumeralsMathematical ExpressionsSurds
Arithmetic OperationsArithmetic OperationsDivisibility
Brackets, IndicesBracketsMathematical Expressions, Brackets, Indices, Variation
Mathematical ExpressionsGCD and LCMArithmetic Operations
GCD and LCMIndices, VariationGCD and LCM
VariationFractions and DecimalsFractions and Decimals
Pythagoras TheoremPythagoras TheoremPolynomials
Fractions and DecimalsQuadratic EquationPythagoras Theorem
Average, Profit and Loss, Percentage, Interest,Simultaneous EquationSimultaneous Equation, Quadratic Equation
Measurement, CurrencyAverage, Profit and Loss, Percentage, Compound InterestMeasurement, Length and Weight, Volume, Area and Surface Area
Length and Weight; VolumeVolume, Area, and Surface AreaAverage, Profit and Loss, Percentage, Compound Interest
Area and Surface AreaMeasurement, Length, and WeightBanking and Transactions
Angles, Circles, TrianglesBankingVolume, Area, and Surface Area
Time, Distance and SpeedTime, Distance and SpeedSymmetry
QuadrilateralsAngles, Circles, Triangles, QuadrilateralsAngles, Triangles, Circles, Quadrilaterals, Parallelogram
symmetry, CongruenceConstructionSimilarity and Congruence
Construction, Geometrical Concepts, Graphs.Symmetry, Similarity, and CongruenceStatistics
Geometrical ConceptConstruction, Graphs, Coordinate Geometry, Geometrical Concepts
Coordinate Geometry

Maths Talent Search Examination (MTSE) 2024 Registration

The MTSE exam is a competitive examination conducted by IISMA. To appear for the examination candidates need to register for the same. A registered candidate can then apply for the examination. Below are the MTSE exam registration details to be kept in mind.

  • Candidates need to register themselves online. Fill in the correct information online.
  • No multiple forms should be submitted. It can result in the cancellation of the examination.
  • Moreover, candidates must keep details the login details safe for any further communication
  • After an application form is submitted, print it out for any future reference.

How to Apply for Maths Talent Search Exam 2024?

The MTSE examination application is solely made online. The MTSE examination application process is as follows.

  • Visit the IISMA official website, and click on the link ‘MTSE 2024 registration’.
  • Next, enter the details required such as name, contact information, email address, and more.
  • After the successful registration, candidates receive a username and password to log in.
  • Use the login information to log in to the account and fill out the application form 
  • Upload the necessary documents such as photographs, and signatures.
  • Pay the registration fees, and make the payment online using the payment gateway
  • After completing the application form, click on submit and take a printout of the same for future reference.

MTSE Exam Application Fee

Most of the examinations charge an application fee. The MTSE exam application fee for all candidates is the same. The payment can be made online through net banking, debit, or credit card. The MTSE application fee is INR 200 for all candidates.

Maths Talent Search Examination (MTSE) 2024 Result

The MTSE 2024 result is declared on the official website. Hence, candidates can download the results from the official website. Those who win the MTSE examination are awarded the same. Hence, the MTSE examination results are important. Here are a few tips to remember while checking the MTSE results.

  • Check the official website periodically to check the results
  • Keep a copy of the examination results for future reference 
  • An online application needs to be submitted for reassessment. The payment for the same is INR 100. The charges are made for verification.
  • A photocopy of the model answer key and the answers of the candidates will be made available after the verification process. (only for the reassessment candidates).
  • The final decision is of the IISMA, and it will be binding.

MTSE 2024 Merit List

The merit list of the examination will be released on the IISMA website. The candidates whose name is on the merit list can avail of the cash prizes and awards. Cash prizes up to INR 2500 are granted to eligible students. However, the amount varies on the rank the student has attained.

Maths Talent Search Examination (MTSE) 2024 Awards and Prizes

The MTSE Scholarship winners are granted cash prizes. The award varies based on the rank of the students. Below we have listed MTSE exam awards and prizes as per the rank. Students can read this for reference.

RankCash Prize
1INR 2500
2INR 2000
3INR 1500
4INR 1250
5INR 1000
6 – 10 thINR 750
11- 20 thINR 400
21st- 35th INR 300
36th – 50thINR 250

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Q1. What is Mtse exam?

A. The MTSE examination is an online examination conducted by the IISMA. The examination tests mathematical reasoning, novel approach, mental ability, accuracy, concepts, and speed.

Q2. Who is eligible for MTSE exam?

A. Students from class 3 to class 9 are eligible for the MTSE examination. Students can be from any board. However, they can only appear for the class they are studying in.

Q3. What are the benefits of MTSE exam?

A. The benefits of the MTSE exam are the scholarships. That is, the winners of the examination can receive cash prizes and awards.

Q4. What is the fees of MTSE exam?

A. The MTSE examination fee is INR 200 for all students. The fee is divided into INR 150  as the examination charges and INR 50 as postage charges.

The MTSE examination is a mathematical examination conducted online for students from class 3 to class 9. The examination is conducted to help students prepare for competitive examinations. Students who win this examination receive cash prizes up to INR 200. To know more, stay tuned to the Indian scholarships page of Leverage Edu.

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