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Do you need to prepare synonyms for a government exam? This page provides all you need! It offers you a compilation of important synonym problems and answers seen in the English portions of many competitive examinations. Exam questions about synonyms may be of two or three marks, so it is even more important to thoroughly solve these subjects. These problems assess analytical thinking abilities for competitive exams in India like Bank Exams, LIC (AAO), RRB, CAT, Management Exams, UPSC CSAT, State PSC Exams, SSC (CGL, Steno)

Here, we offer you a comprehensive collection of synonyms that will enable you to cover your syllabus and address every synonym-related question. To acquire understanding and mastery of this subject, practice answering the following synonym questions within the allotted time.

What are Synonyms?

Synonyms are terms or expressions that, when used in the same language, mean the same thing or almost the same thing. The use of synonyms in writing contributes to the creation of richer vocabulary by expressing various levels of meaning. It’s also a fantastic method to make your writing unique and stay away from using the same terms repeatedly.

Tips and Tricks  to Solve Synonyms Verbal Ability Questions

Effective problem-solving in verbal ability questions involves a systematic approach:

  • Regular practice with a variety of sample questions is key to improving your verbal ability skills. Familiarize yourself with different approaches.
  • Dividing the word into parts is a very good technique to infer its meaning.
  • Before selecting your response, carefully consider each choice. Try using the word in the phrase if you’re stuck; it might give you an indication of what it is.
  • Pay attention to homophones and confusing words. Although these words sound similar, they have distinct meanings. Try to recall the context of what you read first, then.
  • Keep track of both positive and negative language. Every word with a neutral, negative, or positive connotation can be identified.

Basic Level Questions on Synonyms Verbal Ability

Q1. What is the synonym for “amiable”? 

a) Hostile 

b) Friendly 

c) Aloof 

d) Unpleasant

Answer: b) Friendly

Q2.Choose the synonym for “benevolent”: 

a) Malevolent 

b) Kind 

c) Cruel 

d) Hostile

Answer: b) Kind

Q3.What is the synonym for “concur”? 

a) Disagree 

b) Dispute 

c) Agree 

d) Conflict

Answer: c) Agree

Q4.Select the synonym for “dilapidated”: 

a) Renovated 

b) Decrepit 

c) Intact 

d) Stable

Answer: b) Decrepit

Q5.What is the synonym for “eloquent”? 

a) Silent 

b) Fluent 

c) Incoherent 

d) Mute

Answer: b) Fluent

Q6.Choose the synonym for “fathom”: 

a) Shallow 

b) Understand 

c) Surface 

d) Plumb

Answer: b) Understand

Q7.What is the synonym for “gregarious”? 

a) Introverted 

b) Sociable

c) Shy 

d) Reserved

Answer: b) Sociable

Q8.Select the synonym for “harangue”: 

a) Persuade 

b) Lecture 

c) Entertain 

d) Praise

Answer: b) Lecture

Q9.What is the synonym for “iconoclast”? 

a) Traditionalist 

b) Rebel 

c) Conservative 

d) Conformist

Answer: b) Rebel

Q10.Choose the synonym for “juxtapose”: 

a) Separate 

b) Contrast 

c) Merge 

d) Combine

Answer: b) Contrast

Q11.What is the synonym for “kaleidoscopic”? 

a) Monotonous 

b) Colorful 

c) Dull 

d) Drab

Answer: b) Colorful

Q12.Select the synonym for “lament”: 

a) Celebrate 

b) Mourn 

c) Rejoice 

d) Applaud

Answer: b) Mourn

Q13.What is the synonym for “meticulous”? 

a) Careless 

b) Precise 

c) Negligent 

d) Hasty

Answer: b) Precise

Q14.Choose the synonym for “nonchalant”: 

a) Anxious 

b) Carefree 

c) Concerned 

d) Nervous

Answer: b) Carefree

Q15.What is the synonym for “opulent”? 

a) Poor 

b) Wealthy 

c) Modest 

d) Sparse

Answer: b) Wealthy

Q16.Select the synonym for “pervasive”: 

a) Limited 

b) Restricted 

c) Widespread 

d) Isolated

Answer: c) Widespread

Q17.What is the synonym for “quixotic”? 

a) Realistic 

b) Idealistic 

c) Pragmatic 

d) Sensible

Answer: b) Idealistic

Q18.Choose the synonym for “resilient”: 

a) Fragile 

b) Robust 

c) Delicate 

d) Weak

Answer: b) Robust

Q19.What is the synonym for “sycophant”? 

a) Rebel 

b) Follower 

c) Flatterer 

d) Critic

Answer: c) Flatterer

Q20.Select the synonym for “taciturn”: 

a) Talkative 

b) Loquacious 

c) Silent 

d) Chatty

Answer: c) Silent

Q21.What is the synonym for “ubiquitous”? 

a) Limited 

b) Scarce 

c) Common 

d) Rare

Answer: c) Common

Q22.Choose the synonym for “verbose”: 

a) Concise 

b) Wordy 

c) Brief 

d) Terse

Answer: b) Wordy

Q23.What is the synonym for “wane”: 

a) Increase 

b) Decline 

c) Grow 

d) Rise

Answer: b) Decline

Q24.Select the synonym for “xenophobic”: 

a) Tolerant 

b) Inclusive 

c) Prejudiced 

d) Accepting

Answer: c) Prejudiced

Q25.What is the synonym for “yield”? 

a) Surrender 

b) Resist 

c) Conquer 

d) Prevail

Answer: a) Surrender

Q26.Choose the synonym for “zephyr”: 

a) Gale 

b) Breeze 

c) Storm

d) Hurricane

Answer: b) Breeze

Q27.What is the synonym for “acquiesce”? 

a) Resist 

b) Agree 

c) Disagree 

d) Refuse

Answer: b) Agree

Q28.Select the synonym for “belligerent”: 

a) Peaceful 

b) Hostile 

c) Amicable 

d) Cooperative

Answer: b) Hostile

Q29.What is the synonym for “complacent”? 

a) Content 

b) Satisfied 

c) Dissatisfied 

d) Unhappy

Answer: a) Content

Q30.Choose the synonym for “disparate”: 

a) Similar 

b) Distinct 

c) Alike 

d) Uniform

Answer: b) Distinct

Q31.What is the synonym for “equivocate”? 

a) Clarify 

b) Confuse 

c) Elude 

d) Explain

Answer: b) Confuse

Q32.Select the synonym for “furtive”: 

a) Open 

b) Secretive

c) Candid 

d) Transparent

Answer: b) Secretive

Q33.What is the synonym for “garrulous”: 

a) Reserved 

b) Talkative 

c) Silent 

d) Quiet

Answer: b) Talkative

Q34.Choose the synonym for “harangue”: 

a) Persuade 

b) Lecture 

c) Entertain 

d) Praise

Answer: b) Lecture

Q35.What is the synonym for “impetuous”? 

a) Cautious 

b) Rash 

c) Deliberate

d) Abrupt 

 Answer: d) Abrupt

Advanced Level Questions on Synonyms Verbal Ability

Q 1: Despite the adverse weather conditions, the game continued as scheduled, which was quite surprising.

a) Unexpected

b) Planned

c) Normal

d) Unpopular

Answer: a) Unexpected

Q2: We had to wait for hours to get the approval of the authorities, which caused a significant delay in the project. 

a) Assent

b) Endorsement

c) Denial

d) Rejection

Answer: a) Assent

Q3: The artist’s masterpiece was breathtakingly beautiful, and it left the audience in awe.

a) Stunning

b) Ugly

c) Disappointing

d) Unattractive

Answer: a) Stunning

Q4: The student was expelled from the university due to his flagrant violation of the rules and regulations.

a) Blatant

b) Inconspicuous

c) Secretive

d) Obvious

Answer: a) Blatant

Q5: The company’s new product line was a resounding success, exceeding all expectations.

a) Pitiful

b) Disappointing

c) Favorable

d) Negative

Answer: c) Favorable

Q6: The lecture was quite tedious, and the students needed help to stay awake. 

a) Engaging

b) Stimulating

c) Boring 

d) Exciting

Answer: c) Boring

Q7: The hotel staff was extremely hospitable, and they made our stay comfortable and enjoyable.

a) Welcoming

b) Inhospitable 

c) Unfriendly 

d) Indifferent

Answer: a) Welcoming

Q8: The athlete’s performance was phenomenal, and she broke the world record in the high jump. 

a) Average 

b) Unremarkable 

c) Extraordinary 

d) Disappointing

Answer: c) Extraordinary

Q9: The movie’s plot was convoluted and confusing, making it difficult to follow.

a) Simple

b) Complicated 

c) Clear 

d) Straightforward

Answer: b) Complicated

Q 10: The company’s profits have been steadily declining over the past few years, and they need to make some changes to stay afloat.

a) Increasing

b) Fluctuating

c) Stagnant

d) Declining

Answer: d) Declining

Directions for Q11-Q15:In the following questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.






Answer: d)Obese






Answer: d)Short






Answer: a)Misappropriate





d)Past tense of go

Answer: a)End






Answer: c)Dignified


What are synonyms and antonyms in verbal reasoning?

Synonyms are words whose meaning is the same. Similarly, antonyms are words whose meanings are opposite of each other.

What are verbal ability questions?

Verbal ability tests are made to check a candidate’s writing skills and abilities in questions like sentence corrections, spotting errors, sentence formation, synonyms, antonyms, etc.

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