7 in Words: How to Spell 7 in English and Solved Examples

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7 in Words

The number 7 can be written in words as “Seven”. If you have given 7 gifts to your friend, then you can write, “I have just gifted seven gifts to a friend”. Seven is the cardinal number word of which 7 represents a quantity. 

What is 7?

The number seven is denoted by the numeral 7 or Roman number VII. It holds a significant position in the natural number system. The number 7 follows number 6 and precedes number 8. Seven is classified as the prime number and is only divisible by one and itself. This property of seven distinguishes it from its neighbors, six which is a composite number, and eight which is a perfect square.

7 in Words in English

The number 7 is expressed is the English language as the word “Seven”. This term comes under the category of cardinal numbers which shows a specific quantity. Seven shows the collection of exactly seven elements, for example, one can state, “There are seven days in a week.” 

Properties of 7

There are various properties of the number 7, let us have a look at some of them in the below section of the article.

Prime Number: 7 is a prime number that can be divided by exactly two positive integers: 1 and 7 itself. This makes it a prime number.

Deficient Number: The proper divisors of 7 add up to 1. Since 1 is less than 7, it is classified as a deficient number.

Unique Factorization: 7 own a unique prime factorization. This property classifies it from composite numbers generated by multiplying more than 1 primes.

How to Convert 7 in Words?

Using the English alphabet’s letters, we write the number seven in words. For this reason, the English spelling of the number 7 is “Seven.” To write the number 7 in English, let’s create a place value chart.


Rules to Write Numbers in English

There are multiple rules to write numbers in English, some of those rules are stated in the given section of the article. 

Facts of Number 7

Below you can check out some of the mathematical properties of the number 7.

  • 7 is a prime number, which means it can be easily divided by 1 and itself.
  • The seventh triangular number 28 is a perfect number. Perfect numbers are positive integers that are equal to the sum of their proper divisors.
  • The decimal representation of the reciprocal of 7 repeats a cycle of six digits.

Solved Examples on 7 in Words

Question 1: At the market, Emily buys 7 juicy oranges. If she gives 3 oranges to her friend Liam, how many oranges does Emily have left? Express the answer in words.


Given number of oranges: 7

Oranges given away: 3

Number of oranges left: 7 – 3 = 4

Therefore, Emily has four oranges left.

Question 2: The carpenter needs 7 nails to build a birdhouse. If he already has 4 nails in his toolbox, how many more nails does he need to buy? Express the answer in words.


Nails needed: 7

Nails in toolbox: 4

Nails to buy: 7 – 4 = 3

Therefore, the carpenter needs to buy three more nails.

Question 3: The library is open for 7 hours a day. If it closes at 8:00 pm, at what time does the library open in the morning? Express the answer in words.


Library closing time: 8:00 pm

Hours open: 7

Opening time: 8:00 pm – 7 hours = 1:00 pm

Therefore, the library opens at one o’clock in the afternoon.

1 to 7 Numbers in Words 

Children can practice their 1 to 7 spelling with the help of this number names chart. They might be asked to call out numbers on objects in their environment to aid with rapid learning.



How do you spell 7 in words?

Number 7 can be spelled in words as “Seven”

How do you write the number 7 in English?

We can write the number 7 in English as Seven.

What is the meaning spelling of 7?

The spelling of 7 is Seven.

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