Geography Optional Topper List: Strategy, Ranks, Success Rate

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Geography Optional Topper

In the context of the UPSC Civil Services exam, being a Geography Optional Topper is evidence of an applicant’s commitment, planning, and in-depth knowledge of the subject. With 327 out of 500, Pratham Kaushik accomplished this amazing feat in 2017, getting an All India Rank 5. Also, the highest-ranked Geography optional topper was rank 4 holder Saumya Pandey. This proves that geography has proved to be a scoring optional subject till now. The tips followed by these Geography Optional Topper, and success rates of Geography Optional are explored here in this article.

Geography Optional Topper and Geography Optional Success Rate

Since there is more scope for interpretation in humanities subjects, geography becomes a scoring subject. Flowcharts and diagrams can be used to achieve higher grades. In addition, the map-based questions add to the scores. Below we have listed the successful Geography optional topper from past years:

YearGeography Optional Topper Geography Optional Topper Rank
2018Junaid Ahmed3
2017Pratham Kaushik5
2017Ayush Sinha7
2016Saumya Pandey4
2016Shweta Chauhan8
2016Athul J13
2014Ira Singhal1
2014Suharsha Bhagat5
2014Charusree Thiagarajan6

Since all the geography optional aspirants wish to know the success rate. The below-mentioned table highlights the geography optional success rates in previous years:

YearNo. of candidates appearedNo. of candidates recommendedSuccess rate (%)

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Strategy Followed by Geography Optional Topper

As there is no one-shot method to crack civil services, there is no one-shot method to excel in geography optional. But past year toppers have revealed their success mantras. Here we have stated some of those tips to consider while preparing for Geography Optional:

  1. Begin geography preparation with NCERT because it is suitable for beginners. It provides a solid foundation for those new to geography.
  2. Analyze the previous year’s question trends to ensure effective preparation. To ensure that you have the most recent information, consult 2-3 sources for each topic.
  3. Practice extensively with world and India maps to improve your ability to answer map-based questions.
  4. Take examples from Yojana, Kurukshetra, and Geography. Prepare at least 10 impactful exam answers.
  5. Use software such as Evernote or Onenote to take digital notes on current events related to the Geography optional syllabus.

To access comprehensive geography-related notes and preparation strategies, use the below-mentioned links, which offer detailed content on important topics and effective study plans.

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Highest Marks in Geography Optional

Junaid Ahmed, an engineer by training, aced the UPSC exam (AIR 3) in 2018 with Geography as his optional subject. Despite lacking a Geography background, Junaid secured an impressive 321 marks, showing the subject’s popularity among UPSC aspirants. Also, students must note Pratham Kaushik’s record-breaking 327 marks in Geography Optional (2017). 

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What is the average success rate for Geography optional candidates?

The success rate in Geography optional can fluctuate annually due to factors such as exam difficulty and candidate preparation levels.

Which optional subject typically records the highest success rate?

The subject boasting the highest success rate varies over time, influenced by scoring patterns and candidate preferences.

How many students typically select Geography as their optional subject?

The number of students opting for Geography optional can vary each year based on factors like syllabus appeal and coaching availability.

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