Best Books for Geography UPSC IAS Prelims and Mains: Direct Link to Buy

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For the prelims, mains, and interview phases of the UPSC exam, geography textbooks for the UPSC cover both Indian and global geography. Best books for geography UPSC are very important for the UPSC exam. If properly studied, this high-scoring optional subject helps in all phases of the examination. Many previous-year toppers have selected geography as their optional. The best books for geography UPSC are recommended in this article for candidates who want to pass all three CSE exams with ease. They should be used in conjunction with an atlas and current events awareness to showcase a thorough comprehension of the ideas.

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Since geography covers the physical, social, economic, and political elements of the world and its people, it is a very important subject for the UPSC exam. The following is a list of suggested geography books that candidates should read to get ready for the UPSC Exam.

NCERT TextbooksAdditional Resources
NCERT Class VI – The Earth Our HabitatBuy Now
NCERT Class VII – Our EnvironmentBuy Now
NCERT Class VIII – Resource and DevelopmentBuy Now
NCERT Class IX – Contemporary India – IBuy Now
NCERT Class X – Contemporary India – IIBuy Now
NCERT Class XI – Fundamentals of Physical GeographyBuy Now
NCERT Class XI – India – Physical EnvironmentBuy Now
NCERT Class XII – India – People and EconomyBuy Now
Go Cheng Leong – Certificate in Physical & Human GeographyBuy Now

Important Topics to Study in UPSC Geography

There are three sections to the Mains Geography Syllabus: Physical, Human, and Indian Geography. Subtopics can be created from these.Here we have stated some of the most important topics to study in geography for upsc based on the previous year trend analysis :

Physical GeographyGeomorphology
Environmental Geography
Human GeographyPerspectives in Human Geography
Economic Geography
Population and Settlement Geography
Regional Planning
Models, theories, and Laws in Human Geography
Indian GeographyPhysical Setting
River System
Industry: Evolution of industries
Transport, Communication, and Trade
Cultural Setting: Historical Perspective of Indian Society
Regional Development and Planning
Political Aspects
Contemporary Issues
Geography Preparation for
UPSC Prelims
Rivers in India
States and UTs in India
Political Map of India
Static Topics for Maps:
Rivers and their tributaries
Natural vegetation and Minerals
Mountain ranges and Passes
Neighbors and border disputes
States and Lines like Tropic of Cancer

Strategy for Preparing UPSC Geography

Some people find reading about geography boring, even though it’s an interesting subject for the UPSC Exam because there are so many concepts and information to understand. Several considerations must be made when making a geography study plan. In addition to the list of best books for geography UPSC that we provided above in the article, we now list down a tonne of guidance so you can enjoyably learn this subject and become an expert!

  • Go over and comprehend the UPSC syllabus in its entirety.
  • Make a shortlist of the books that fully address the Geography Syllabus and follow it.
  • To gain a sense of the types of questions that are asked on various themes, consult the UPSC Previous Year Question Papers. Then, adjust your preparation accordingly.
  • As you read the Geography Books a second time, begin taking brief, concise notes and using mnemonic devices.
  • Refer to your brief notes during the third reading; utilise these for any additional adjustments.
  • To determine your level of readiness for the preliminary exam, complete practice questions and take IAS mock exams.
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Which geography book is best for UPSC mains?

The best geography book for UPSC mains is  “Certificate Physical and Human Geography” by Goh Cheng Leong.

How to study geography for UPSC Prelims and Mains?

Study strategy for UPSC Prelims and Mains requires focus on concepts, maps, current affairs, and practice answer writing.

Is Majid Hussain enough for geography?

It provides a good base but supplement it with other resources like NCERTs, current affairs, and practice questions for thorough preparation.

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